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Aaa's response whenever his name is asked.

Aaa is a new character appearing in Freedom Planet 2. He is a mechanical-obsessed tarsier, responsible for an increase in robot attacks against the Three Kingdoms. He has been nicknamed "The Grease Monkey", due to his skills as a mechanic. He has also been nicknamed a "Pro Prankster Primate", due to his skills from pulling pranks .

Attributes Edit

Aaa is a mechanic with the Metal Element. He may also have acrobatic abilities.


Freedom Planet 2Edit

Hailing from the Southern Islands, Aaa is one of the reasons behind the increased robot attacks that are plaguing the Three Kingdoms. He will fight the heroes at some point.


Aaa is quite possibly insane, as shown by how he just screams whenever he's asked his name, and his near-psychotic obsession with engineering. He enjoys building and piloting all sorts of crazy contraptions.

Gallery Edit


  • His species, a Philippine tarsier, is one of many references to Philippine culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • Aaa appears when the Freedom Planet 2 demo starts, powering up the GalaxyTrail sign, but without the X appearing. He walks over to investigate and screams as the last part of the logo falls on him.

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