Avalice is the main setting for the Freedom Planet series, and is the home planet of Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, and Milla Basset. It is listed on the galactic stage as Celestial Body M-516 and is part of the Coalition of Planets. Avalice also has a moon (Which looks similar to Earth's moon) orbiting it, as shown in many scenes and images. In Freedom Planet 2, Avalice will appear to have a planetary ring (Possibly like Saturn or Uranus).

Anthropomorphic animals are the dominant life forms on Avalice. However, there are also some non-anthropomorphic animals that inhabitant the planet as well, as heard in Relic Maze cutscenes and shown in Fortune Night, where you can see pigeons flying around the city.

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Avalice planet
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Planet Avalice
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Royal Palace
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Red Scarves Hideout
Shang Mu
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Avalice used to be a standard planet filled with all kinds of life and vegetation, until the spacecraft of the Ancient Dragons crash landed in the location now known as Pangu Lagoon. They wasted countless years trying to find a way to take back to the stars, but to no avail. Ultimately, the Dragons decided to help the Avalicians with their technology, and condensed their energy reserve into the Kingdom Stone for the planet to use. With that, the Dragons soon became nothing more than legends (until the truth was uncovered by Lilac). Three major Kingdoms were situated on Avalice, each with their own technology and power: Shang Tu, Shang Mu, and Shuigang.

Freedom Planet Edit

During the events of Freedom Planet, Avalice is met by the sadistic Lord Brevon, who plotted to turn the Three Kingdoms against each other, in an attempt to steal the Kingdom Stone in order to power his Dreadnought, so he could continue his galactic conquest, leaving the planet on the brink of civil war. Thanks to the efforts of a few brave heroes, Brevon is defeated, but the Kingdom Stone was destroyed along with the Dreadnought. However, the Kingdom Stone wasn't destroyed, it actually transformed into a Crystalline Vortex, which began to spread unlimited energy for the Three Kingdoms to share, marking a new beginning for the people of Avalice.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

Two years after the events of the first game, Avalice has seen and gone through much change, thanks to the new form of the Kingdom Stone (which could have become Avalice's planetary ring). However, the destruction of it's physical form has resulted in the awakening of an ancient evil from the distant past. Over 100 years ago, during Avalice's oldest and deadliest war, a Water Dragon named Merga was Bioengineered to be a perfect warrior and had fought in said war. Because of her ruthlessness and warmongering, she was sealed under the waters of Parusa, in a crystal prison locked by the Kingdom Stone's power. War is imminent once again as Merga is freed from her crystal prison and now seeks vengeance upon the Avalicians by unleashing the ancient superweapon, Bakunawa. She also has a dark secret about the Leaders of Avalice that will forever change the History of the Three Kingdoms.

Major settlementsEdit

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