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Bird Officer

The Bird Officer, or Bird Guard, is a recurring character in Freedom Planet. He quacks throughout the game, using only the word "Weh". He is an assistant of the Royal Magister and a Soldier of Shang Tu. He is commonly seen with General Gong in cutscenes[2][3], as he is likely Gong's second-in-command.

During Jade Creek, he can be seen driving the police vehicle with Neera Li occasionally on top of it. If the character is frozen by Neera or the vehicle's ice missiles, they will be carried off by the police vehicle. Otherwise, he'll accidentally hit Neera with an ice missile after the player gets past the submarine in the second half of the stage.


Freedom PlanetEdit

The Bird Officer is seen in almost every cutscene that includes General Gong, saying "Weh" after everyone else finished what they're saying. He first appears in the Shang Tu Royal Palace, after Neera starts an investigation on the theft of the Kingdom Stone.[2] Gong brings him along when requesting that Lilac and company persuade Mayor Zao to return the Kingdom Stone to Shang Tu.[3] After this, he returns to the palace for his guard duty until Lilac and company break out of jail after being detained.[4] Neera and the Bird Officer operating a hovercraft are sent after them, with Bird Officer firing ice projectiles as support until he accidentally freezes Neera and carries her off. Later, Zao tries attacking Shuigang. Once again, Gong brings him along with an army of soldiers to hold of Shang Mu's.[5] As they pass through Jade Creek, they find Carol, Milla, and Torque and bring them along, as they say, they can persuade Zao to stop his attack.[6] For one of the last times, Bird Officer says "Weh".

The last time the Bird Officer is seen is when he is standing on a rock after the Holodragon forces both Zao and General Gong to work together against Brevon.[5] After that, he appears in the credits for one last "Weh".[7]


The Bird Officer is only capable of saying "Weh".

The hovercraft that he operates is able to fire Sleet Bombs, Ice Rockets, and can even deploy Meteor Rollers on the player's location from the background. In certain areas of Jade Creek, the Bird Officer will attempt to capture the player, continuously firing multiple sleet bombs, along with the occasional ice rocket until the player leaves his range.

Bird Officer is known to be a capable driver, easily piloting the police vehicle in Jade Creek, but accidentally hits Neera with an ice rocket, after she ironically says "FREEZE".


  • When playing his line in the gallery, the sprite of the Bird officer appears for a brief moment.



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