The Bonus Level is reached only during Adventure and Classic modes, by picking up a hidden Tao Token in any level except for Final Dreadnought (rounds 3 and 4). The level takes place in a den with walls made of crystals and bricks. The crystals change colour too. Once entered, the player can hit the dice in the middle of the chamber to roll it and win bonus Keystone Monitors and/or Extra Lives. The number of rolls is dependent on the number of Keystones collected during the main level. To get more than one roll there must be over 30 Keystones collected, so if you have 31 for example, you could roll it 2 times. You can also hit the dice block on the ground again if you want to quickly change the prize before it stops spinning. When all rolls are used, the player can exit by moving right side of the screen, proceeding to the next stage.

Possible prizes:

  • Wood Shield
  • Earth Shield
  • Fire Shield
  • Water Shield
  • Metal Shield
  • 1-3 Extra Lives per roll


  • Only in Battle Glacier and Final Dreadnought (Rounds 1 and 2), the theme of Schmup Stage will play instead of the Bonus Level theme.
  • When winning a Fire Shield, it can damage the die. If the Monitor is placed nearby the wall, the die can be stunlocked there. Oddly the dice will jump off from the place if the player moves.

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