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Captain Kalaw is the champion of Mayor Zao's Battlesphere. Hailing from the Southern Islands, he is said to be a hero who saves innocents from the forces of evil. However, possibly later on in the game, he is tricked by Merga to help her with her plans to unleash the Bakunawa.


Kalaw appears to wear weaponized battle armor, and has the Wood Element.


Pre-Freedom Planet 2 Edit

Captain Kalaw traveled from the Southern Islands to Shang Mu, where he not only became a hero to the people, but also became the champion of the city's Battlesphere.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

At some point in time (or already at the beginning or prior), Kalaw joins Merga, who may have promised him fame and riches if he helps her unleash the Bakunawa against the Three Kingdoms. At another point in time, he will fight the heroes in the Battlesphere.





  • His name is derived from his species; the Rufous Hornbill, which is called the "kalaw" by locals of the Philippines. Both his species and his name are just two of the many references to Philippine culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • Kalaw looks a bit similar to Storm Eagle from Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X.
  • Captain Kalaw may be similar to Captain Quark from the Ratchet & Clank series. Both of them are superheroes and they worked with the main villains (Merga and Chairman Drek).

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