The Chasers are a battle force formed by the Coalition of Planets that responds to intergalactic threats such as Lord Brevon, the most powerful enemy they ever faced. Later on, prior to the events of Freedom Planet, all but one chaser was killed or corrupted by Brevon himself. That surviving Chaser was a commander named Torque, who swore to his dying Captain that he would do whatever it takes to stop Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone, even if he has to destroy it. In order to do that, he needed help, in the forms of Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset and even Spade, a member of the Red Scarves.

Known Chasers Edit

  • Unnamed Captain (Deceased)
  • Torque (Commander)
  • Multiple Unnamed Chasers (Deceased)
  • Sash Lilac (Honorary Member)
  • Carol Tea (Honorary Member)
  • Milla Basset (Honorary Member)
  • Spade (Temporary)


Freedom PlanetEdit

Torque serves as a starship commander in the Chasers. When Brevon traveled to Avalice to steal the Kingdom Stone for his galactic conquest, the starship that Torque was serving on attacked the Dreadnought in a space battle in orbit of Avalice. The battle ended in a stalemate that strands both sides on the planet. At some point later, Brevon had claims the lives of Torque's Captain and all the other Chasers.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether the victimized Chasers (unknown whether revived or not) or more (when still dead) will have an appearance in Freedom Planet 2, &/or be mentioned, or neither.

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