The Chomper Snake is the boss of Aqua Tunnel in Freedom Planet. It is a large green eel found in the last slime pool of said Stage with sharp fins along the sides of its body and a small crest on its head.


The Chomper Snake has an easily-telegraphed attack pattern:

  • It will spit out bubbles containing bombs (one of which can be picked up by Milla and thrown at the Chomper Snake), which Milla can attack to prevent further interruptions during her avoiding of its other attacks. Phantom Blocks works too for speedrunning.
  • It will sink back into the pool, and then leap out, and when it lands back in the pool, the splash it makes will generate small blobs of damaging green slime that will land on Milla's raft.
  • Afterward, it will slowly move back to the back of Milla's raft and repeat the same pattern.
  • Its weak spot is its open mouth, which Milla will have to attack when it's open in order to damage it. After a few hits, the Chomper Snake will be defeated, ending the stage.
FP2 Bomb
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FP2 Bomb

Freedom Planet 2 Proto Pincer

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