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Corazon Tea, also known as "Cory", is the older sister of Carol Tea. She is a daring pilot who has a history of working for unsavory clients with the informal title "Ace of Flying Aces".


Cory is an expert pilot. Her attacks involve the use of steampunk machinery and fire.


Pre-Freedom Planet Edit

Cory was born sometime before Carol, but the history and relationship between the two sisters is unknown, whether if they are friends or enemies.

Freedom Planet 2Edit

Cory pilots her own Airship, known as the Sigwada. She's hired by Merga to transport her troops and supplies around Avalice. At a certain point, she'll run into her sister Carol, and she"ll tell her to stay out of her business.


Cory is a brave pilot who is always looking for a reason to take to the skies, often finding herself doing work for unsavory individuals, like Merga.

Relationships Edit

Carol: Carol is Cory's younger sister, though the history of their relationship is currently unknown. During the events of Freedom Planet 2, Cory tells Carol to stay out of her business. While the following is unconfirmed, it could be possible that Cory is being protective of her sister, possibly due to the fact that she does work for unsavory clients, and doesn't want Carol to get hurt as a result of her involvement.


  • Corazon's name is derived from the Spanish word corazón, which means "Relating to the Heart or Emotions".
  • The name of her Airship, the Sigwada, is Filipino for "Storm". This is one of many references to the Philippine culture in Freedom Planet 2.

Gallery Edit

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