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Crystal Shards are used as a trading system and energy throughout Avalice. Each shard refills a small amount of the player character's energy meters. Crystal Shards also be found in a Crystal Cluster. Collecting 200 Crystal Shards (300 on hard mode) will grant you an Extra Life. If you have a Wood Keystone Monitor, you'll get one Health Petal for every 20 Shards collected. Enemies are able to collect Crystal Shards too and the collected Shards can be obtained by defeating the enemies who picked up those Shards. Clearing the game with over 7000 Crystal Shards will earn the player the Gem Hoarder Achievement.

In Freedom Planet 2, their will be another meter underneath the Life and Crystal counters. This Meter will measure the amount of Crystal Shards collected throughout any stage. Once the Meter is filled, the Player will get an Extra Life. Also when you clear a Level, you will get bonus Shards for certain things such as Lives, Gold Gems, Bonus Rings, etc. Additionally, certain Items may also give bonus Shards when equipped, but with some sort of penalty, depending on what item is equipped.

  • The Gem Booster item can boost the Bonus count of Crystal Shards by 10%. Two can be equipped at the same time.
  • The No Stocks, Double Damage, and Time Limit items can boost the Bonus count of Crystal Shards by 25%.
  • The No Petals item can boosts the Bonus count of Crystal Shards by 50%.

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