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Elements are one attribute for all of the charactes of Freedom Planet (except for those are who are not appearing in Freedom Planet 2).

In the game, there exist the following Elements: Water (Shui), Wood (Mu), Fire (Huo), Earth (Tu) and Metal (Jin). Both the Keystones and Keystone Monitors are in all five elements.

Characters with the Water Element: Edit

Characters with the Wood Element: Edit

Characters with the Fire Element: Edit

Characters with the Earth Element: Edit

Characters with the Metal Element: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Elements in Freedom Planet are based on the Wǔ Xíng, also known as the Five Elements. Wu Xing can be translated into "moving star".
  •  The Three Kingdoms are named after three of the five elements: Shang Mu ("on wood"), Shang Tu ("on earth") and Shuigang ("water port").

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