An Extra Life, or 1-Up, allows a character to respawn if they are killed in any level. They are little creatures that resemble the heads of the Playable Characters (Lilac, Carol, Milla & Torque). Extra Lives are essential to Freedom Planet, collecting as many as you can before facing Lord Brevon, the main antagonist and final boss of the game. You will lose a life if the character is hit while out of Health Petals or if you restart the level. If a characters dies with no lives, then it's Game Over!

The number of Lives you start out with depends on the difficulty:

  • Casual Mode: 7 Lives
  • Easy Mode: 5 Lives
  • Normal Mode: 5 Lives
  • Hard Mode: 3 Lives

If choosing to continue after getting Game Over on any difficulty, the player will get 3 Lives.

You can get Extra Lives in the following ways:

  • Collecting 200 Crystal Shards (300 on Hard Mode)
  • In the Bonus Level (you can get up to 1-3 Lives per roll, Adventure and Classic Modes only)
  • Breaking open a cage (which can be picked up and thrown by Milla)

Continue Edit

When Game Over occurs, the continue screen comes up. A 9-second countdown begins as the chosen character struggles to get back up, with the numbers appearing in the form of Crystal Shards. If the player chooses to continue, the player character will get up and run to the right off-screen, then comes back and goes to the left off-screen. Lilac will jump and then does a Dragon Boost. Carol will grab her Motorcycle off-screen, then she drives by. And Milla will jump and then does a Puppy Float. If the player doesn't choose to continue and let's the timer run out, then then chosen character will basically die.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

The character faces in the Extra Lives counter are now called "Stocks", and can now blink their eyes, unlike in the first game. The physical form of the Stocks not yet been confirmed.

The player can now get bonus Crystal Shards with the number of lives they have when completing a Stage. The more Lives the player has, more Crystal Shards they"ll earn. Each Stock starting from 2 Lives gives 50 Crystal Shards.


In the Sample Version of Freedom Planet 2, when the player character dies with no Lives, the screen will say "Defeated...", instead of Game Over. Then the player is sent to the continue screen with the followings choices:

  • Punching Bag: Earn up to 20 additional Crystals Shards by pressing the button to hit the Punching Bag.
  • Return to Checkpoint: Costs 300 crystals (Beat a Stage to earn Crystals Shards to put into storage).
  • Restart Stage: Restart from the starting point of the stage.
  • Exit: Quit the Stage and go back to the Main Menu.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Sample Version of Freedom Planet 2, there is a glitch where if the player is killed and falls on a jump spring, then the character will instantly revive without spending an extra Stock. This will also occur when the player is "Defeated" (gets Game Over), in which the word "Defeated" will stay on the screen even if the player completes the Stage.

Gallery Edit


FP2 Continue Screen

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