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This section of the article contains information about a game still in development.
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Flash Drives are a new pickup item in the upcoming game, Freedom Planet 2

Flash Drives are Audio Logs recorded by Princess Cordelia, prior to her passing. They are not important until the second half of the game, where the heroes discover an Ancient Altar, where the Flash Drives can be plugged in and viewed.

Unlockables Edit

There are a total of 5 items rewarded for collecting Data Logs, which can be unlocked by collecting all 13 Flash Drives. There's currently no information about what unlockables these Logs will grant, but for now, the goals are revealed:

  • 1 Log: ???
  • 3 Logs: ???
  • 6 Logs: ???
  • 9 Logs: ???
  • 13 Logs: ???

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