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Stage Names/Order Edit

While development Strife changed the names/order of some stages:

Initial Concept

Demo 1.3

Pre-final Final
Dragon Valley Dragon Valley Dragon Valley Aqua Tunnel
Relic Maze Relic Maze Relic Maze

Dragon Valley

Robot Playground Fortune Night Rage Ravine Relic Maze
Battle Glacier Sky Battle Fortune Night Fortune Night
Thermal Base Chaos Creek Sky Battalion Sky Battalion
Phoenix Road Aqua Tunnel Jade Creek
Battle Glacier Jade Creek Trap Hideout
Thermal Base Trap Hideout Thermal Base
Thermal Base Pangu Lagoon
Pangu Lagoon Battle Glacier
Battle Glacier Final Dreadnought
Final Dreadnought

Removed Dialogue Edit

Dragon Valley Edit

  • Carol: Try and catch me this time!
  • Lilac: Way ahead of you!
  • Carol: I can't wait! This is gonna be the best Charge-Up ever!
  • Lilac: Just take from the rich, okay?
  • Carol: Got it!
  • Lilac: You swear?
  • Carol: Pinky swear!

Lilac's Treehouse (Day) Edit

  • Lilac: I'm sorry about running off on you back there...
  • Carol: Yeah, well, it happens...
  • Carol: We can trust this guy, right?
  • Lilac: Well, what if he's telling the truth? What if the stone really can be taken? You know what'll happen then, right?
  • Carol: No more Charge-ups?
  • Lilac: Exactly.

Relic Maze Edit

  • Carol: Then why are you here?
  • Gong: She's protecting our guests this evening. Can't be too careful with all these robots runnin' around.
  • Neera: If you're here to recharge, there's a line over there. Otherwise I suggest you let us do our jobs.

(Scene between Lilac and Carol)

  • Lilac: Follow me!
  • Lilac: We're gonna steal the Kingdom Stone before they do!
  • Carol: Whoa, really?
  • Lilac: Well, we'll give it right back. Come on!

Lilac's Treehouse (Night) Edit

  • Torque: Are you sure it's okay for me to set up a tent here?
  • Lilac: It's the least we can do after what happened today...
  • Torque: Eh, don't blame yourself. You did everything you could. I'll get the stone back somehow.
  • Lilac: Can I ask you something?

(Scene between Lilac, Carol and Milla)

  • Carol: Like what?
  • Lilac: Well... Do you ever think about your family? I mean, about seeing them again someday?
  • Carol: I think about my big sister sometimes. I dunno... It's not like I can go back there anytime soon.
  • Lilac: Yeah...
  • Milla: I wish I had a sister, but nothing's happened yet. I tried shooting stars, crystal balls, chewing grass...
  • Carol: How 'bout rubbing your ears? I did that when I was little.
  • Lilac: You know what? Carol and I can be your sisters!
  • Milla: You can DO THAT??
  • Lilac: Sure, why not?
  • Milla: I guess that works afterall! Thanks Carol!

(Scene between Lilac, Carol and Torque)

  • Lilac: So, you're an alien then?
  • Torque: Pretty much, yeah.
  • Carol: Space cooties!
  • Torque: You don't believe me.
  • Lilac: Actually, I do.
  • Torque: Really?
  • Lilac: They say that a long time ago, dragons came to Avalice and mixed with our ancestors.
  • Carol: And not just ones like Lilac. Huge ones, like in the movies!
  • Lilac: So I guess it's not much of a stretch for other things to be out there too.
  • Torque: I see...

(Scene between Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque)

  • Torque: Just remember something really important... Don't talk about our mission unless I say so.
  • Torque: We do not want the whole world thinking we're crazy.
  • Lilac: Understood.
  • Carol: I dunno about you guys, but I'm exhausted.
  • Lilac: Yeah, we better get some shut-eye. We've got a big day ahead of us.
  • Torque: Lilac...
  • Torque: Thank you.

Fortune NightEdit

  • Carol: He seems a little...
  • Lilac: Eccentric?
  • Carol: Un-Mayor-ish.
  • Lilac: That too.
  • Torque: We better play along anyway. This is our chance to prove that Brevon exists.
  • Torque: Might need to study this later...
  • Lilac: Let's ask

Zao's PalaceEdit

  • Carol: Me too!
  • Lilac: Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa, you both like something? Is this the end of the world?

(Scene between Lilac, Carol and Milla)

  • Lilac: Good job, Milla!
  • Milla: Thanks!
  • Carol: What's going on?!

Zao's AirshipEdit

  • Torque: I gotta admit, your planet looks pretty cool.
  • Carol: Thanks, I guess.
  • Carol: What's your planet like?
  • Torque: Well, there's a lot of water. Over 80% of my world is covered in it.
  • Carol: Does it have sharks?
  • Torque: What?
  • Carol: Y'know, sharks. Big fish with lots of teeth.
  • Torque: Oh, yeah, quite a lot.
  • Carol: What about ninjas?
  • Torque: That's a weird name for a fish.
  • Carol: You got a lot to learn about this planet.

(Scene between Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque)

  • Lilac: Torque, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Torque: I think it's crazy enough to work!
  • Lilac: Alright girls, here's the plan. We're gonna run to the other ships and kung-fu their cannons.
  • Carol: Let's do it!
  • Milla: It's time to be brave!

Jiang RiverEdit

Aqua TunnelEdit

  • Milla: What are you gonna do to me?
  • Neera: Relax. It's dishonorable to hurt small children.
  • Neera: Follow me.

Jade Creek OutskirtsEdit

  • Spade: I'm not doing the buddy-buddy thing with you. As soon as we're in, I'm flying solo.
  • Carol: Whatever you say, pal.

Battle GlacierEdit

  • Lilac: Uh, excuse me...
  • Gong: You're alive?
  • Lilac: Of course! I was the one who led that dragon here.
  • Carol: And guess what, Mayor Zao? Lilac said that the invaders have a lot of treasure on their ship!
  • Zao: Of course! Hear this, my friends! There's treasure to be won from this battle! Even if you don't fight for freedom, fight for wealth! For glory! For everlasting chow mein!

(while the heroes go riding into battle)

  • Zao: Gyaah!
  • Gong: It's an ambush! Keep moving! We'll hold them off!
  • Zao: You better! Alright. While you're driving my tank, I only have two rules... Aim, and fire!

(Boss fight)

  • Dail: It seems that I have underestimated your strength. Not this time!
  • Lilac: Do your worst!
  • Torque: We've beaten you before and we'll do it again!
  • Carol: Yeah, what are you gonna do? Throw robots at us? Giant robots with lasers in their buttcheeks maybe?
  • Lilac: Carol, you jinxed us!
  • Carol: So did you and Torque!
  • Milla: Is anyone else feeling a little scared right now?

(After defeating Dail's Shade Beast)

  • Milla: LOOK OUT!

(Scene between the heroes and Spade)

  • Carol: Y'know, for once I'm actually glad to see you show up.

Final Dreadnought (Round 3)Edit

  • Brevon: Remove the device!
  • Brevon: I won't ask you again. Throw it to me!
  • Brevon: Just like I said... right in harm's way.
  • Brevon: I bet she doesn't like you very much now!
  • Brevon: Go on, then. Show your friends just how angry you are!

Ending ScenesEdit

  • Torque: C'mon! Lilac!
  • Lilac: The stone!
  • Torque: We're out of time!
  • Lilac: But our world won't survive without it! Take Milla and go! I'll catch up!
  • Carol: I gotta help her!
  • Carol: No no no NO!!
  • Torque: We'll blast our way through it! To the ship!

(later scene after the Kingdom Stone's new form was revealed)

  • Carol: Hmm...
  • Carol: Brevon still got your tongue?
  • Lilac: Do you think he was telling the truth? About trying to save his homeworld and all?
  • Carol: I don't know, but, if he was, then, well, we showed him how it was done.
  • Lilac: Yeah...
  • Carol: Hey... Who's a grumpy little Lilac? Who's a gwumpy little Wiwac?
  • Lilac: Hey! Thanks.

(after Torque's rocket leaves)

  • Lilac: Aww, don't worry girls. We'll get Space Cooties back here someday.
  • Carol: Yeah.

Demo Versions Edit

Demo 1.0 Edit

Demo 1.0 is the first demo version of Freedom Planet and was released on August 4th, 2012. In this demo, you can only play as Sash Lilac and only Dragon Valley is accessible.

  • The GUI's design is different.
  • The energy meter doesn't fill up automatically, instead you gain energy by running or by picking up Keystones.
  • By collecting five Keystones you can get a Shield (depending on which Keystones you have collected).
  • All characters can roll by pressing while running.
  • Lilac:
    • Lilac can use her Dragon Boost ability by pressing Jump mid-air. She needs a full energy meter and It costs 100% of her energy.
    • She can also use her Uppercut by pressing Attack while looking up.

Demo 1.1 Edit

Demo 1.1 was released on August 11th, 2012.

  • You can now unlock Carol Tea by finishing Dragon Valley in under seven minutes.
  • Lilac:
    • Strangely, you can also use the Uppercut by pressing Attack while looking down.
  • Carol:
    • Carol doesn't have an energy meter on her GUI.
    • She is much slower than as in later revisions. She nowhas her Walljump ability.
    • She can use her Pounce by pressing Attack while looking down.

Demo 1.2 Edit


Demo 1.3 Edit

Demo 1.3 was released on January 14th, 2013.

  • Shang Mu Academy is now accessible.
  • The design of GUI has been changed a bit once more.
  • The energy meter now fills up automaticly.
  • Lilac:
    • Lilac got a redesign and her sprites were changed accordingly.
    • She has now a Low Kick by pressing Attack while looking down.
    • She can now use her Dragon Cyclone by pressing Jump mid-air. She needs a full energy meter. It costs 50% of her energy.
    • Her Dragon Boost can now be used by pressing Special.
  • Carol:
    • Carol has a energy bar now.
    • She can now use her Pounce mid-air by pressing Jump.
    • She can now use her Wild Kick by pressing Special.
    • She can now pick up the Gas Can.
    • The energy meter drains while she's on her bike. If she gets hit once the bike gets destroyed.

Demo 1.4 Edit

Demo 1.4 was released on July 11th, 2013.

  • The design of the GUI now looks like the same found in the final version.
  • None of the characters can roll anymore.
  • All characters are now faster.
  • The controls are now more like in the final version.
  • Lilac:
    • Her energy bar fills up faster.
  • Carol:


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