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Freedom Planet 2 is an upcoming combat-based 2D platform video game created by GalaxyTrail. The Sequel takes place two years after the events of the previous game, Freedom Planet.

A demo of the game called "Sample Version" has been released on January 31st 2017 and can be downloaded for free.[1] The game was submitted to Steam Greenlight on Febuary 10th, 2017[2] and has been greenlit on Febuary 14th, 2017.[3] GalaxyTrail currently aims for a 2018 release.[3]


Join the Heroes of Avalice as they face their greatest challenge yet.

An ancient terror has emerged from the depths of the ocean. Merga, a Water Dragon from Avalice's oldest and deadliest war, has been freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone's destruction. Through her act of vengeance, she holds a dark and terrible truth about Avalice's leaders that will change the history of the three kingdoms forever.

War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides. As friendships are tested, will the girls stand united when Bakunawa rises?[4]

Gameplay Edit

The Sequel's gameplay remains mostly like its predecessor[4], but with some major changes:

Character Types Edit

The four playable characters are labeled as a certain Type and each have different attributes:

  • Sash Lilac: The Speed-Type; The fastest character, good for getting the fastest time in a stage.
  • Carol Tea: The Brawler-Type; Normal speed, has quicker attacks, good for hand-to-hand combat.
  • Milla Basset: The Explorer-Type; Normal speed, Ideal for finding hidden items in the stages.
  • Neera Li: The Power-Type; The slowest, but strongest character with the most moves.

Guarding Edit

You can tap a dedicated Guard button to avoid a bit of damage from incoming enemy attacks.[4] The shield will not fully reflect damage from larger or powerful attacks; however, it will soften the damage if properly timed. Milla is able to spawn her Phantom Blocks by using this ability.

Revivals Edit

When you've been defeated, you can use one of your Stocks to revive yourself. This grants you a couple of seconds of Invincibility and some of the Health Petals back (might depend on which powerup you have equipped). Warning: You cannot revive yourself if your body has been disintegrated.[4]


The Guardian Orbs in all five elements (Left to Right: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal)

Guardian Orbs Edit

Instead of releasing a shield that surrounds and protects the character, the Keystone Monitors release small elemental Orbs called Guardian Orbs[5], which follows the character around. So far, these orbs have the same abilities as the shields from the first game, except the fire orb is now water-resistant, unlike before. The elements of these orbs will also be displayed on the player's Health Meter, taking up two Health Petals.

Certain Power-Ups can change the elements of all Keystone Monitors in a stage. For example, a Water Charm will change all of the Monitors into Water Orbs.

Guardian Orbs of the same element are able to stack, and can absorb up to 6-7 hits if the player finds enough of them. If the player has one Orb with one element and gets another Orb of different element, it will still stack, but the element of the Orb will change. Also, the player isn't granted any invincibility when their orb is damaged.

The Guardian Orbs have animal-like attributes, which are:

  • Water: Blue Orb with Fish Fins (and Tail)
  • Wood: Green Orb with Butterfly Wings
  • Fire: Red Orb with Phoenix Wings (and Tail)
  • Earth: Yellow Orb with Insect Wings
  • Metal: Gray Orb with Eagle Wings

Speed Gates Edit

Speed Gates are rainbow rings that are similar in appearence to the Time Gates seen in Pangu Lagoon from the first game. When the player passes through one of these gates, a Bonus timer will appear, and the player will be able to earn Crystal Shards by leaving behind a trail of Tao Marks. Once the timer runs out, the Tao Marks will transform into Crystal Shards. The longer the Tao Trail is, the more Crystal Shards the player will earn.

Star Cards Edit

Star Cards are now dropped by the endboss and must be collected to complete the stage, but they also remain as collectables in the inventory. Trading Star Cards in the Battlesphere will unlock arena challenges. Star Cards can also be found in stages without bosses to unlock different kind of challenges.

Hub Worlds Edit

Hub Worlds, which didn't make it into the game's predecessor due to time constraints, will be a part of Adventure Mode. The four cities (Shang Tu, Shang Mu, Shuigang and Parusa) will have their own Hubs filled with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters).

Freedom Planet 2 will also have a World Map, allowing to move between the Hub Worlds.[6]

Neera dialog test

A test screenshot of a cutscene with Neera.

Cutscenes Edit

The Cutscenes in Adventure Mode will now mostly be done in a Visual Novel-like style with still images instead. Only certain scenes in the game will include moments with the character sprite moving.

Stages Edit


Screenshot of the Avian Museum stage. (Prototype)

The game will have a total of 21 Stages. Unlike its predecessor, the stages are now a single big area instead of being separated in two. Every stage will end in a boss encounter.

Extra Stages Edit

Removed Edit

  • "JC" & Zodiac River (remained as ideas for stages but were removed early from the game).


Power-Ups can be crafted with Gold Gems, which can be found in the stages, or with regular Crystal Shards. Depending on usage, these will increase or decrease the difficulty of certain sections of the game.

There are four types of Power-Ups:

  • Potions: These give the player character a passive buff for the duration of the stage.
  • Amulets: These alter the stage; Time Records are in seperate categories when used.
  • Brave Stones: These give the player character a negative effect and make the stage harder, but multiply the Crystal Shards collected on stage completion.
  • Fusion Stones: Will be created if two items with contradicting effects are equipped. They have very negative effects, but a big Crystal Shard Bonus.


Name Sprite Effect Location Bonus
Alchemical Burst[5] Increases your crystal bonus by 10%. It has a random side effect that can be good, bad, or nothing. ? None
Extra Stock[5]
Extra Stock
You begin the stage with one extra stock. ? None
Cheaper Stocks
Cheaper Stocks
Reduces the number of crystals you need for a stock by 50. (for free in the Sample Version), ? None
Your life meter slowly recovers as long as you have life petals. ? None
Strong Revivals
Strong Revivals
You recover 4 life petals when reviving. (for free in the Sample Version), ? None
Auto Guarding
Auto Guarding
You automatically guard against attacks if possible. (for free in the Sample Version),

Dragon Valley

Max Life Up
Max Life Up
Increases your maximum number of life petals by one. (for free in the Sample Version), ? None
Minus Stock[5] Reduces your number of stocks by one. ? None
Pricy Stocks[5] You need an extra 50 crystals for each stock. ? None
Max Life Down[5] Reduces your maximum number of life petals by one. ? None
Crystals To Petals[5]
Crystals To Petals
Transforms all crystal flowers in the stage into life flowers. ? None


Name Sprite Description Location Bonus
Motorcycle Start[5] Carol begins the stage with her motorcycle. ? None
Wood Charm[5] Transforms all shield crystals in the stage into Wood. ? None
Earth Charm
Earth Charm
Transforms all shield crystals in the stage into Earth. (for free in the Sample Version), ? None
Water Charm
Water Charm
Transforms all shield crystals in the stage into Water. (for free in the Sample Version), ? None
Fire Charm[5] Transforms all shield crystals in the stage into Fire. ? None
Metal Charm[5] Transforms all shield crystals in the stage into Metal. ? None
Boss Life Drain[5] Reviving during a boss battle will cause damage to the boss. ? None
Cordelia's Blessing[5] If you are defeated without any stocks left, you have a 20% chance of being revived anyway. ? None

Brave StonesEdit

Name Sprite Description Location Bonus
No Stocks
No Stocks
You begin the stage with no stocks. (for free in the Sample Version), ? 25%
Expensive Stocks[5]
Expensive Stocks
Increases the number of crystals you need for a stock by 100. ? 20%
Double Damage
Double Damage
You take double damage from attacks. (for free in the Sample Version), ? 25%
No Revivals[5]
No Revivals
You cannot revive after being knocked down. ? 25%
No Guarding[5]
No Guarding
Guarding does not protect you from harm. ? 20%
No Petals
No Petals
All life petals are transformed into crystals, making it much harder to heal damage. (for free in the Sample Version), ? 50%
Time Limit
Time Limit
A countdown timer appears. If it runs out, you receive no crystal bonus. (for free in the Sample Version), ? 25%
Gem Booster
Gem Booster
Increases your crystal bonus by 10%. (for free in the Sample Version), ? 10%

Fusion StonesEdit

Name Sprite Description Condition Bonus
One Hit KO[5]
One Hit KO
You always have an empty life meter. Full Revivals + No Revivals 100%
Enemy Armor[5] All enemies have twice as much vitality. ? 50%
Items To Bombs[5]
Items To Bombs
All item containers are transformed into bombs. ? 50%

Characters Edit

Returning CharactersEdit

New Characters Edit

Voice Actors Edit

  • Dawn M. Bennett as Sash Lilac[7]
  • Amanda Lott as Carol Tea[7]
  • Aimee Smith as Milla Basset[7]
  • Ashlyn Selich as Neera Li[7]
  • Jason Lord as General Gong / Serpentine[7]
  • Christopher Sabat as Sergeant Askal[7]
  • Edwyn Tiong as the Royal Magister[7]
  • Sean Chiplock as King Dail / Spade[7]
  • Alejandro Saab as Mayor Zao[7]
  • Josh Grelle as Captain Kalaw[7]
  • Lindsay Jones as Corazon Tea[7]
  • Morgan Berry as Merga[7]
  • Sarah Ann Williams as Aaa[7]
  • Victoria Vitti as Cordelia / Pangu /Syntax[7]
  • Stephen DiDuro as the Bird Officer (Weh)[7]
  • Christopher Guerrero as the Battlesphere Announcer[7]
  • Marissa Lenti as Maria Notte[8]

Art GalleryEdit




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