Fuel Tanks are items placed throughout most of the Stages in Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2. They can be used by Carol, who uses them to spawn a Motorcycle for her to use, increasing her speed, attack power and replaceing her pounce attack with a spin attack (also works as a double jump). The Motorcycle will break after 3 hits (except during the Boss Fights with the Robopanther and Morpher Syntax), but picking up another Fuel Tank will fix any damage it may have sustained.

Milla can also use Fuel Tanks by picking them up and use them as Bombs to throw at enemies, glowing while she holds it. However, they'll explode upon hitting the ground and she can get hurt if she's too close to the explosion.

If playing as Carol during the Boss Fight in Jade Creek, Fuel Tanks will be dropped by Shade Elites after being defeated. This way, Carol can use her Motorcycle to make attacking the Gunship easier.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

Fuel Tanks will retain their original role of providing Carol with a Motorcycle. But this time, Fuel Tanks can now provide every Playable Character with brief invulnerablity.

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