Founded 2011
Games Freedom PlanetFreedom Planet 2

GalaxyTrail is an international and independent team of designers, coders, musicians and vocalists, whose first commercial product, Freedom Planet, was released 22nd June 2014.

Current StaffEdit

  • Aimee Smith - Voice Actor (Voice of Milla Basset)
  • Alexander Normandy - Voice Actor (Voice of Lord Brevon)
  • Dawn Michelle Bennett - Voice Actor (Voice of Sash Lilac)
  • Edwyn Tiong - Voice Actor (Voice of Magister)
  • Jason Lord - Voice Actor (Voice of Serpentine)
  • Leila Wilson (Woofle) - Musician (for Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2)
  • Patrick M. Seymour - Voice Actor (Voice of Commander Torque)
  • Sara J Leen - Coder, Public Relations
  • Sean Chiplock - Voice Actor (Voice of Spade and Dail)
  • Stephen DiDuro (Strife) - Director, Artist (Founder of GalaxyTrail, Voice of Bird Guard)
  • Victoria Vitti - Voice Actor (Voice of Syntax)

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