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GalaxyTrail is an independent video game development studio from Waterloo, New York. Starting in the year 2007 as a website for Stephen DiDuro's game development portfolio[1], it has become the name of the indie studio, consisting of Stephen, who is working with various freelancers.[2]

It is known for their first full-fledged game, Freedom Planet[3] and is currently working on its sequel, Freedom Planet 2.[4]

History Edit

While living in Denmark during 2009, Stephen and his wife Marianne registered the domain, which at the time, was used for various things. The subadress originally served as Stephen's video game portfolio. An example of his contributions during this time were as an grachic artist for the Xbox Live Arcade game That Really Hot Chick, made by HorrendousGames.[5]

Work on Freedom Planet started in 2011, in form of a Sonic fan game starring Ziyo Ling's fan character, Sash Lilac. During the production of the project, Stephen moved back to his old home in Waterloo, New York. The Kickstarter, meant to raise money to polish the game and publishing it on multiple platforms, ran from January 16th, 2013 to February 15th, 2013, and raised over $25,000.

Games Edit

Title Platforms Release Date Price Notes
Christmas Time Heroes Windows 2010 Free to play[6]
FableQuest: Origin of the Phoenix Knight Windows Unreleased  ? Started production in 2009 and was cancelled in 2011.
Spectrum Chase Windows Unreleased  ? Previously named Time Heroes. Started production in 2010 and was cancelled in 2011.
Freedom Planet Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch July 22nd, 2014 $14.99
Grapple Force Rena Windows TBD TBD Developed by Tim Ashley Jenkins and published by GalaxyTrail.
Freedom Planet 2 Windows, Mac OS TBD TBD Started production in 2015.

Staff Edit

Employees Edit

  • Stephen DiDuro - Director, Artist (Founder of GalaxyTrail[2], Voice of Bird Officer)

Freelancers Edit

  • Leila Wilson - Musician[2] (for Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Gabriella Creighton - Web Design, Community Manager[4][2]
  • Dawn Michelle Bennett - Voice Actor[2] (Voice of Sash Lilac[7]), Associate Producer[4] and Writer for Freedom Planet 2
  • Alejandro Saab - Voice Actor (Voice of Mayor Zao[7]), Voice Director[4] and Writer for Freedom Planet 2
  • Tyson Tan - Artist (Concept Art / Character Design for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Ziyo Ling - Artist (Character Design for Freedom Planet / Promotional Art for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Rafael Ventura - Pixel Artist, Animator (for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Picsandpixels - Pixel Artist (for Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Daniel Taylor - Animator, Artist (Environment Design for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Tim Jonsson - Artist (Backgrounds for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Christian Whitehead - Programmer (for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Falk Au Yeong - Musician (for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Akash Thakkar - Audio Mixing (for Freedom Planet 2[4])
  • Christopher Sabat - Voice Actor (Voice of Sergeant Askal[7]), Audio and Voice Recording (for Freedom Planet 2[4])

Voice Actors Edit

Former Edit

  • Sara J. Leen - Coder (for Freedom Planet), Public Relations[2]

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