Gas Cans, or Fuel Cans, are items placed throughout most of the stages in Freedom Planet & Freedom Planet 2. They can be used by Carol, who can use them to obtain a Motorcycle for her to use, increasing her speed, attack power and replaces her pounce attack with a spin attack (also works as a Double Jump). The Motorcycle can drive up walls, ceilings and can even go underwater. The motorcycle will break after 3 hits, Except durning the fights with Robopanther (Fortune Night) and Morpher Mode Syntax (Final Dreadnought (Round 1)). Picking up another Gas Can will fix any damage the Motorcycle may have sustained. To dismount the motorcycle, simply crouch and pounce.

Milla can also use Gas Cans. She can pick them up and use them as Bombs throw them at enemies, exploding on impact. The Gas Can even flashes while she's holding it. Milla can also get hurt from the explosion if she's standing too close.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

Gas Cans return in Freedom Planet 2 and will retain their original role. But this time, Carol can now use her Motorcycle in a Kung Fu-like fighting style called Bike Fu, where she can even throw her Motorcycle at enemies. Motorcycle is stored after this and it can be returned by pressing the special button, then the guard button. The Motorcycle has no health in this game, as it can no longer be destroyed in 3 hits. Instead, it can be only destroyed if Carol dies while riding on it. Lilac, Milla & Neera can also pick up Gas Cans (reasons and purposes currently unknown).
Fuel Can

Fuel Can

Stages with Gas Cans: Edit

Stages without Gas Cans: Edit

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