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Don't be ridiculous! Nothing gets past my nose!
General Gong, right before Zao's forces break into the temple.

Gong is the Royal Magister's most honored and experienced soldier, as well as the General of Shang Tu's Army, nicknamed for his giant shield that he uses in both offense, defense and even as a musical instrument.


Freedom PlanetEdit

Ambush at the Ancient Temple Edit

Lilac and Carol meets General Gong and tries to warn him that Mayor Zao is sending his Soldiers to the Ancient Temple to steal the Kingdom Stone. However, Neera Li appears and tells them to leave, ignoring their warning. Suddenly, a Shang Mu Truck appears and drives through the temple, pilinging the crystals there. By the time Gong realized the girls' warning was true and that pilgrimage to the Temple was just a cover-up, Spade had already stolen the Kingdom Stone and takes it to Mayor Zao in Shang Mu.

Sending a Neutral Party Edit

After the pilgrimage at the Temple, Gong returns to Shang Tu to inform the Magister that the Zao has stolen the Kingdom Stone. He also tells about him about the warning he did not heed. The Magister never belived that a Buffoon such as Zao was capable of such a theft, so he asks Gong about who issued the warning. The next day, he calls Lilac at her Treehouse and asks to meet at a specific location. Torque locates them at a nearby ravine, but Milla reveals that Gong and the Bird Officer are actually above them, thanks to her good nose. After introducing himself, Gong requests Lilac and her friends to act as a neutral party to negotiate with Zao to get the Kingdom Stone back. They accept Gong's request and he provides them with a Biplane that Torque uses to fly the team to Shang Mu.

An Audience with the Magister Edit

The plan to take the Kingdom Stone back was cut short as Prince Dail and his Sky Battalion intercepted and damaged the Airship that Lilac and company were flying to Shuigang. Their Airship lands in a river that takes them to Shang Tu. upon arriving, they inform Gong that Dail has taken the Kingdom Stone, and request an audience with the Magister and try to convince him of Lord Brevon's existence. However, Neera had been undergoing an investigation on Lilac and Carol, and states that their explanation is a ploy by Zao, using their past connections with the Red Scarves as evidence to back up her theory. The Magister then has the team detained for further questioning. They all break out of prison and escape shortly after, but with limited success.

The Seal of the Dragon Edit

Some time later, the Magister learns that Zao is preparing to wage war on Shuigang in order to take back the Kingdom Stone. So he sends Gong, the Bird Officer and the Shang Tu army to intercept them. Arriving in the outskirts of Jade Creek, he run into Carol, Milla & Torque, who we're searching for Lilac. Gong informs them of the situation and the group tell him that they can persuade Zao to stop his attack. In the Snowfields near Shuigang, The armies of Shang Tu and Shang Mu meet, with Gong proposing an offer by the Magister for the two cities to share the Kingdom Stone's power. Zao does not accept, saying that his city needs way more that half of the Stone's power and the two argue and both armies prepared to fight. Suddenly, a loud roar silences everybody, and a dragon appears and flies in on the group, prompting Gong to order everyone to kneel before the ancient beast. It commands them to work together to free Shuigang from Brevon's army, and the two armies are blessed with the "Seal of the Dragon", as stated by Gong. Later on, as Lilac and her friends board the Dreadnought to face off against Brevon, Gong and Zao lead their troops to liberate Shuigang from Brevon's troops stationed there, eventually freeing the city from the Warlord's grip.

A New Beginning Edit

Brevon is defeated, but the Kingdom Stone was destroyed along with the, Dreadnought. However, the Stone's energy had transformed into a vortex that started to spread unlimited energy across the planet. Gong attends a royal feast Zao throws at Shang Mu City Hall with the girls, Torque and Neera, in celebration of their victory over Brevon and the Kingdom Stonep's new form. Later, at the end of the game, Torque prepares to leave Avalice, with the girls and Gong there to see him off and say their goodbyes. As his rocket flies off into space, they watch from the balcony of Lilac's Treehouse.

Freedom Planet 2Edit

In the past 2 years, the public couldn't believe that Brevon was defeated by a group of young girls (Lilac, Carol & Milla), so the fame was instead put on General Gong. The public's opinion has led him to train with the recently promoted Sergeant Askal. Despite his self-doubt, Gong trains hard in order to live up to the people's expectations.



  • His name, of course, is derived from a gong, which his signature shield oddly resembles.

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