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The Grappler is the mid-boss of Sky Battalion (Earth Ship) and is the seventh mid-boss in Freedom Planet, alongside the Satellite in the Metal Ship, the Chopper (fought by Carol and Milla) and Spade (fought by Lilac) in the Fire Ship.

It is fought in a vertical room with wind lifts. As it takes damage, it will ascend to the top of the room. Along with using the wind lifts, you'll also have to use Lilac's Dragon Boost, wall climb as Carol or use Milla's Shield Bursts and Puppy Float.

Attacks Edit

  • Electric Blaster: Fires a pair of electric spheres that home in on the player. A Metal Shield can block this attack.
  • Crystal Crush: Fires a large crystal that emits a crystal wave across the floor and up the walls. The crystal can be used as a lift to reach the crusher much easier with Lilac and Milla. An Earth Shield can block this attack.

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