Health Petals are used to replenish a character's Health Meter in Freedom Planet. Lilac and Carol both have 7 Health Petals, while Milla and Torque only have 4. It takes 2 petals to fully replenish 1 unit of health and one hit will cost 1 unit of Health (Half unit in Casual and one to two units in Hard depending on the attack). Health Petals can also be found in a Health Flower.

If a character has no Health Petals, then the gold bar on the character's energy meter will blink red. If said character is hit without any petals, they'll lose a Life and then respawn at the last checkpoint. If a character has full health, then the Health Petal will count as one Crystal Shard. A character's Health Petals can slowly regenerate if playing on casual or easy difficulty, but not on normal or hard. Also, they can be drawn in towards the player if they're equipped with a Wood Shield.

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

In Freedom Planet 2, Lilac, Carol & Neera have 6 Health Petals, while Milla has 5. Breaking a Keystone Monitors will give the player a Guardian Orb, an Animal-like creature that follows and protects the player from damage. The Health and Element of said Orb is also displayed on the player's Health Meter, taking up two Health Petals.

Unlike in Freedom Planet, the Health Petals, instead of equaling two units of health, are now similar to a meter, where the player can take three hits before losing one health petal. The amount of damage varies on the stage difficulty and the type of Enemy inflicting said damage. In the Sample Version of the game, the player is allowed to equip 2 of the new Inventory Items when starting the game, one of which is Max Life Up, which can increase the max health petals of the character by one, giving Lilac, Carol & Neera 7 Health Petals, and Milla 6. The Strong Revivals items grants 4 petals after using a life to revive, as opposed to 0. Strangely, in the Sample Version of the game, this item fully heals (instead of 4 petals) the character after being revived.

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