What? This...This can't be possible!
Lilac, encountering the Holodragon for the first time

The Holodragon is the ancient Water Dragon form of Pangu and the (only) boss of Pangu Lagoon, a Stage exclusive to Sash Lilac in Freedom Planet.

Boss BattleEdit

The arena is very large with Time Gates in the air that are reachable with Dragon Cyclones. The Holodragon has three attacks: Dragon Beam, Dragon Bite and Dragon Fire Storm, all of which are executed in the order shown. After using an attack, the Holodragon will fly from one side of the area to the other, and use another attack, repeating the attack pattern until its defeated.

To defeat the Holodragon, the cluster of Red Orbs all over it's back must be attacked. Each of them are destroyed in two Dragon Cyclones or a single Hair Whip. The Orbs are most vulnerable when the Holodragon is flying across the room. After losing enough Orbs, the Holodragon's eye will start flashing yellow, indicating that its close to being defeated. The numbers of Red Orbs the Player must destroy depends on the Stage Difficulty. After damaging the eye, the Holodragon will be disabled, and Pangu will reveal itself.

It is recommended not to use the Dragon Boost to attack the Red Orbs, because it may leave Lilac vulnerable to the Dragon Beam of Fire Storm attacks. The Orbs can be destroyed easily with Dragon Star-Charged Hair Whips, which can destroy at least 3 Orbs per Whip. Use the Dragon Boost upwards to dodge it's Dragon Beam and to avoid it's Dragon Fire Storm attack.

Attacks Edit

  • Dragon Beam: The Holodragon charges up and fires a powerful beam that inflicts Stunlock. This is avoidable by Dragon Boosting upwards once, or twice If you have a Dragon Star obtained from a Time Gate.
  • Dragon Bite: A basic attack that bites the area where Lilac was last standing when it strikes. This attack is the easiest to dodge.
  • Dragon Fire Storm: Fire will spawn from the ceiling, homing in on Lilac's position. If not having enough speed in running to avoid the fire, use a Dragon Boost to gain speed.

Schmup StageEdit

In Lilac's Adventure and Classic Modes, the Holodragon is a playable character in the Schmup Stage, with Lilac riding on it's head. Unlike the Boss Fight in Pangu Lagoon, the Holodragon can't take damage in this Stage, with Lilac vulnerable to attack.

Attacks Edit

  • Dragon Fire Storm: The Holodragon quickly shoots out a scattershot of fireballs that spread out in three directions. This attack can destroy small gunfire.
  • Dragon Beam: Using energy, the Holodragon fires off a huge beam in one direction that destroys anything it touches (except Syntax). It can be used all the time, even when the gauge has no energy, except the laser will be small, inflicting low damage. Energy recharges quicker when riding the Holodragon.
  • Boost: The Holodragon will quickly rush left or right.

Gallery Edit

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