Inventory Items are new pickup items featured in Freedom Planet 2. The characters can equip these items to give them an advantage in any stage. Some of these items can even provide a Crystal Shard Bonus and can also be found inside Treasure Chests. So far, there's an average of 15-20 items.

Different difficulties has default items:

  • Easy Mode: Auto Guarding & Max Life Up
  • Normal Mode: 2 Gem Boosters
  • Hard Mode: No Stocks & Double Damage
  • Custom Mode: The player can equip any 2 items

Inventory Items Edit

  • Cheaper Stocks: Reduces the number of Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Life by 50.
  • Auto Guarding: Automatically guard against any attack if possible.
  • Max Life Up: Increases the maximum number of Health Petals by one.
  • Strong Revivals: Recovers four Health Petals when reviving.
  • Earth Charm: Transforms all Keystone Monitors in the stage into Earth Shields.
  • Water Charm: Transforms all Keystone Monitors in the stage into Water Shields.
  • Gem Booster: Increases Crystal Shard Bonus by 10%. Two can be equipped at the same time.
  • No Stocks: Begin the stage with no Lives (25% Bonus).
  • Double Damage: Take double the damage from enemy attacks (25% Bonus).
  • No Petals: All Health Petals are transformed into Crystal Shards, making it much harder to heal damage (50% Bonus).
  • Time Limit: A countdown timer appears, and if the level is not beaten within 5 minutes, there will be no Crystal Shard Bonus (25% Bonus).

Gallery Edit

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