Power-Ups are new items featured in Freedom Planet 2. The Player Characters can equip these items for them to use in any stage. Some of these items can buff up the Play Character or inflict negative effects in a Stage, but provide a Crystal Shard Bonus and can even be found inside Treasure Chests. There are a total of 30 Power-Ups, and 4 different types of Power-Ups.

Potions Edit

Potions can give the Player Character a passive buff for the duration of a Stage, as well as collecting Stocks. These Items are recommended for Beginner Players.

  • Alchemical Burst: Increases Crystal Shard Bonus by 10%, but has a random effect when used.
  • Extra Stocks: The Player Character begins a Stage with 1 Extra Stock.
  • Cheaper Stocks: Reduces Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Stock by 50.
  • Regeneration: The Character's Health Meter slowly recovers as long as there's a Health Petal.
  • Strong Revivals: Recovers 4 Health Petals when being revived.
  • Auto Guarding: Automatically Guard against certain attacks if possible.
  • Max Life Up: Increases a Player Character's Health Petals count by 1.
  • Max Life Down: Decreases a Player Character's Health Petal count by 1.
  • Minus Stocks: Reduces a Player Character's Stock Count by 1.
  • Pricey Stocks: Increase the number of Crystal Shards needed for and Extra Stock by 50.
  • Crystals to Petals: Transforms all Crystal Shards into Health Petals.

Amulets Edit

Amulets can alter a Stage, putting Time Records in a separate category. These Items also provided the Player Character extra protection with Keystone Monitors.

  • Motorcycle Start: Carol begins a Stage with her Motorcycle.
  • Wood Charm: Transforms all Guardian Orbs into Wood Orbs.
  • Earth Charm: Transforms all Guardian Orbs into Earth Orbs.
  • Water Charm: Transforms all Guardian Orbs into Water Orbs.
  • Fire Charm: Transforms all Guardian Orbs into Fire Orbs.
  • Metal Charm: Transforms all Guardian Orbs into Metal Orbs.
  • Boss Life Drain: Reviving during a Boss Battle will cause damage to a Boss.
  • Cordelia's Blessing: Gives a 20% chance of being revived if you're defeated with no Stocks.

Brave Stones Edit

Brave Stones inflict negative effects on the Player Characters in a Stage, but gives them a Crystal Shard Bonus. These Items are recommended for Experienced Players.

  • No Stocks: Begins a Stage with no Stocks. (25% Bonus)
  • Expensive Stocks: Increases Crystal Shards needed for an Extra Stock by 100. (20% Bonus)
  • Double Damage: Take double the damage from enemy attacks. (25% Bonus)
  • No Revivals: The Character cannot revive when knocked down. (25% Bonus)
  • No Guarding: Guarding cannot protect the Player Character from enemy attacks (20% Bonus)
  • No Petals: All Health Petals are transformed into Crystal Shards. (25% Bonus)
  • Time Limit: A Timer appears. If time runs out, then no Crystal Shard Bonus. (50% Bonus)
  • Gem Booster: Increases Crystal Shard Bonus at the end of a Stage. (10% Bonus)

Fusion Stones Edit

Fusion Stones are created by fusing 2 or more Items, inflict very negative effects in a Stage, but gives a bigger Crystal Shard Bonus. These Items add a higher difficulty than Brave Stones.

  • One Hit KO: The Player Character always has an empty Health Meter. (100% Bonus)
  • Enemy Armor: All Enemies have double the Vitality. (50% Bonus)
  • Items to Bombs: Transforms all item containers in a Stage into Bombs. (50% Bonus)

Gallery Edit

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