Keystone Monitors are special Crystals that appear in Freedom Planet. They give the characters Elemental Shields, each with different abilities. There are 6 different Keystone Monitors to use throughout the Game. Except for Invincibility, all Shields will take different amount of hit before breaking. The number of hits depends on the difficulty of the Stage:

  • Casual Mode: 3 hits
  • Easy Mode: 3 hits
  • Normal Mode: 2 hits
  • Hard Mode: 1 hit

Shield Types Edit

  • Water Shield (Blue Monitor): A Bubble-Shaped Shield
    • Gives the Player Character an infinite Air Supply while underwater.
    • Protects against Bubble-Based attacks.
  • Wood Shield (Green Monitor): A Blossom-Covered Shield
  • Fire Shield (Red Monitor): A Fireball-Shaped Shield
    • Able to damage Enemies on contact.
    • Protects against Fire-Based attacks and hazards.
    • Shield will be extinguished if the Player goes underwater while equipped.
  • Earth Shield (Yellow Monitor): A Crystal-Shaped Shield
    • Able to attract Crystal Shards.
    • Protects against Crystal-Based attacks.
  • Metal Shield (Grey Monitor): An Ironball-Shaped Shield
    • Protects against Spiked Floors and attacks.
    • Protects against Electric-Based attacks and Hazards.
  • Invincibility (Rainbow Monitor): A Starlight-Covered Shield
    • Provides the Player Invincibility for 30 seconds.
    • Keeps an equipped Shield active during Invincibility.
    • Warning: Does not protect against Drowning or Crushing.

Gallery Edit


  • The Keystone Monitors are reminiscent to the item boxes in the Sonic the Hedgehog series with similar abilities mentioned, such as Invincibility.
  • When entering to a cutscene with an active shield, the shield surrounds the other playable character instead of main character in the story. When the cutscene ends, the shield returns to main character. This glitch works in Relic Maze. Alternatively, holding a Phantom Block at the end of a stage may cause a phantom block to appear above the shield during a cutscene. This glitch also works in Trap Hideout.
    Shield glitch

    Earth shield surrounding Lilac in Carol's story

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