Well then... If death is what you seek, then I will gladly provide it!
The King of Shuigang before leaping at Brevon's forces with his axe.

The unnamed King of Shuigang was the ruler of said Kingdom and the father of Prince Dail and Spade. He was murdered by Lord Brevon before Dail's eyes in the opening cutscene of Freedom Planet.


Not much was known about the King of Shuigang other than that he was very brave at first, but immediately gave in to fear when he saw his son Dail being held hostage. He was confident in his palace's defenses from the outer wall, and was surprised when Brevon managed to invade his palace from the floor. He also loved his son Dail very much. His relationship with Spade remains unknown.


Before his death, he used a large battle-axe as a weapon that he was able to wield all by himself.

King of Shuigang Sprite

Trivia Edit

It is unknown whether the King of Shuigang has an appearance in Freedom Planet 2 (when revived or after his revival in the beginning, middle, or end), &/or be mentioned (when still dead), or neither (when still dead & unmentioned).

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