You will face justice! Surrender!
Dail, ordering the player to surrender

The Kujacker is a peacock-like robot that is piloted (and possibly created) by Dail when leading his troops into battle, being fought as the end-boss of Sky Battalion.


  • Energy Ball: The Kujacker's main attack is an electric bolt, which once spawned, moves in the player's direction.
  • Gust: It is capable of creating an intense amount of wind in an attempt to throw the player off the ship. After damaging its tail feathers and then attacking the head, the Kujacker will withdraw, then fly in through the side to peck the player.
  • Side Dash: When it's head is damaged after destroying the Plumage, The Kujacker flies off-screen and back, swooping in to peck the player. It will use this attack between every phase of the fight.
  • Electric Surge: On its third phase and after, the Kujacker will start to use an electric attack which damages in lines in 16 directions. During this attack, it's Plumage will turn yellow, briefly becoming invincible. On it's fifth and final phase, the Kujacker's Plumage will become red to indicate that it is close to being defeated.

The Metal Keystone Monitor (Located on the Earth Ship), will give the player a big advantage in this fight, enabling to avoid damage from the Kujacker's Energy Ball and Electric Surge attacks, but not it's Gust and Peck Attacks.

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