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Leila Wilson (born October 18, 1986), also known as Woofle, is a freelance indie game composer and known for her contributions at the Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2 soundtracks.

Works Edit

Game Track Name


Freedom Planet Freedom Planet Theme Arrangement
Main Menu Composer
To The Rescue! (Heroic Theme) Composer
Dragon Valley 1 Composer
Dragon Valley 2 Arrangement
MEANIE Boss! (Minor Boss Battle) Arrangement
Here Comes Trouble! Composer
Lilac's Treehouse Arrangement
Chase Scene Arrangement
Relic Maze 1 Arrangement
Relic Maze 2 Composer (with Strife)
Major Boss Battle Arrangement
Shang Tu Royal Palace Composer
Freedom Planet TV! Composer
Meet The Team Composer
Fortune Night 1 Composer (with Strife)
Fortune Night 2 Composer (with Strife)
Target World (Shang Mu Academy) Composer
Zao Majestico! (Shang Mu City Hall) Composer
Brev In Yo Hizzle (Lord Brevon 1) Composer (with Strife)
Sky Battalion Composer (with Strife)
Prince Dail Boss Battle Composer (with Strife)
Millaqua (Royal Palace Jail) Composer
Aqua Tunnel 1 Composer
Aqua Tunnel 2 Composer
Bossoft (Aquatic Boss Battle) Composer
Up The Creek (Jade Creek 1) Composer (with Strife)
Up The Sub (Jade Creek 2) Composer (with Strife)
Trap Hideout 1 Composer
Trap Hideout 2 Composer
Thermal Base 1 Composer (with Strife)
Thermal Base 2 Composer (with Strife)
It's Brevon Time (Lord Brevon 2) Composer (with Strife)
Pangu Lagoon 1 Composer (with Strife)
Pangu Lagoon 2 Composer (with Strife)
Neo Chase (Tragic Boss Battle) Composer
Snowfields Composer
Schmup Stage Composer
Battle Glacier 1 Composer
Battle Glacier 2 Composer
Final Dreadnought 1 Composer (with Strife)
Final Dreadnought 2 Composer
Final Dreadnought 3 Composer (with Strife)
Final Dreadnought 4 Composer (with Strife)
Final Boss 1 Composer
Final Boss 2 Composer
Game Over Composer (with Strife)
Epilogue Composer
Results Screen Composer (with Strife)
Time Attack Composer (with Strife)
Freedom Planet 2 Valley Night Composer (with Strife)
Mayhem in the Museum (Avian Museum) Composer
No Speed Limit (Phoenix Highway) Composer
Rumble in the Jungle Arrangement
Glitter Composer
Thunderflash (Lightning Tower) Composer (with Strife)
My Own Path Composer
Blazing Stars Arrangement
Street Knuckle (Mid Boss Battle) Arrangement
Neo Neo Chase (Bakunawa Boss Battle) Composer
Records of Days Long Gone Composer
Frozen Memory Composer (with Strife)
Lilac's Theme Composer/Arrangement
Carol's Theme Composer/Arrangement
Milla's Theme Composer/Arrangement

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