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Lilac's Treehouse is hidden deep inside Dragon Valley in Shang Mu, and is home to Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, and Milla Basset.

History Edit

Pre-Freedom Planet Edit

Not much is known about when the treehouse was built, although it was presumably built by Lilac and Carol sometime after they left the Red Scarves. Since they appear to be the only two who knew of it before Milla or Torque's arrival, they probably built the treehouse themselves, demonstrating a fair knowledge in carpentry. The Treehouse appears to have two rooms: The Main Room, which has the TV, Telephone, etc. and the Bedroom, where the girls sleep at night, but there may be more to the Treehouse than what is shown (as shown in Fan-Made comics).

Freedom Planet Edit

Hanging out at the Treehouse Edit

After the events at the Relic Maze, Lilac lets Milla come live with her and Carol in their Treehouse, seeing as she was out in the woods all by herself. Along with Milla, Lilac lets Torque set up a tent outside the Treehouse, so that he could try to fix his gadgets (and to not reveal his true identity). While hanging out, Lilac said there would be plenty to do, especially now that Milla is around. But boredom soon struck (specifically Carol), so Lilac suggested they watch a movie, so they did. As they watched the movie, Carol, with a mouth full of chips, asked Lilac why Torque didn't want to out with them, she told her he had some work to do. Carol replied that he was scared of getting cooties, the girls then shared a laugh and continued watching the movie.

Torque's True Identity Edit

Later that night, as Lilac slept, she dreamt of what Spade said to her earlier that day, about her being an uncaring traitor. Suddenly, a freaked out Carol dashes into the bedroom and woke her up from a dead sleep, telling her that Torque was really an alien. Lilac, who was barely awake, thought Carol had a bad dream and tries to go back to sleep, but Carol insisted she get up and see Torque as an alien. Annoyed, Lilac slipped her shoes on and followed Carol to see that she was right about Torque being an alien. His cover blown, Torque confesses his true identity about being a Chaser and explains to the girls about his mission to stop Lord Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone to power his Dreadnought, so he could continue his galactic conquest, leaving the Three Kingdoms of Avalice (Shang Tu, Shang Mu & Shuigang) on the brink of civil war. Learning of this, the girls volunteer in helping Torque, who, swears them into secrecy regaring their mission, to avoid the whole world thinking there crazy.

To Adventure! Edit

The next morning, Lilac gets a phone call from General Gong, who asked for her help in recovering the Kingdom Stone from Mayor Zao, so she went to wake up Carol, who was still asleep, but was woken right up by Milla, whose playful puppy bark scared her right of bed. After preparing themselves, he girls then set off with Torque to save Avalice from Lord Brevon. Later on Zao's Airship, Lilac notices that Milla was missing her parents, whom she's been away from for a really long time. So she tries to comfort her by complimenting her survival skills, stating that she couldn't survive a day without her Treehouse, but to no avail. But then Lilac had an idea, that when the crisis with Brevon was over, she and Milla would have a girl's night out. Milla thought of it as a playdate, but she liked the idea.

Good-Bye, Torque Edit

The Treehouse wasn't seen again until the end of the game, where Torque was preparing to leave Avalice, and Lilac, Carol, Milla & Gong were there to see him off. He thanks them for helping him defeat Brevon and destroying his army, then gives them his sincere gratitude on behalf of the Coalition of Planets, and the girls give him a group hug. After saying their goodbyes, Torque hops into his rocket, while the girls and Gong goes up to the Treehouse's balcony. They look up as Torque's rocket blast off into the sky, shining with a crystalline vortex, which was the new form of the Kingdom Stone.

Trivia Edit

  • Through memory editing, one can explore the treehouse area (with the exception of the bedroom). The treehouse and other areas were originally meant to be 'hubs' that the player could walk around in between levels, but this was cut from the final game (but planned for Freedom Planet 2). A video demonstrating this can be seen here: Freedom Planet - "Fun" Memory Editing
  • In the bedroom, there is a poster of a character called "Ninja Hurk". This poster character was likely inspired by the Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics.


LilacsTreehouseMainRoom LilacsTreehouseBedroom
Main room Bedroom

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