Planet Avalice is inhabited by various Species of Anthropomorphic animals that are similar to the ones on Earth. They act like humans and live in civilizations, are able to craft tools, weapons and many more. There are also Non-Anthropomorphic animals that inhabit Avalice too.

Anthropomorphic Species Edit

Anthropomorphic animals are the dominant and most intelligent life forms in Avalice. They are split into several species, ones that are just like the ones on Planet Earth. This is a list of the known species of anthropomorphic animals in Avalice.

Dragons Edit

FP2 SashLilac

Sash Lilac, a Half-Water Dragon

Dragons are one of the many species that live in Avalice, but had not always lived in said planet.

According to legends, the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time crashlanded in Avalice. Stranded, the Ancient Dragons spent countless years trying to find a way back to their homeworld, but to no avail. With no way for them to return home, they decided to use their technology to help the Avalicians survive and prosper, converting the last of their energy reserves into what is now the Kingdom Stone.

Respecting the wishes of the Avalicians and letting the influence of the Ancient Dragons to pass into legend, one Scientist programmed a Robotic AI with an important message for the descendants of Avalice, knowing that there will come a time in the future when the secrets of the past must be revealed and the truth be told.

The Ancient Dragons continued to live in Avalice in a region now known as Pangu Lagoon, mixing with the Avalicians and eventually passing into legend.

The Dragons in Avalice are based on Dragons from East-Asian Mythology, and they also mostly consist of Earth Dragons, Water Dragons and possibly Fire Dragons (like the ones seen in Fortune Night).

Known Dragons: Edit


Carol Tea, a Wildcat.

Felines (Cats) Edit

Felines are one of the many species living in Avalice. There are various species of Felines, including Wildcats, Tigers and Cheetahs. Like real Felines, they can climb, scratch and obviously have feline instincts and possibly a sense of curiosity, as well as the tendency of sleeping for most of the day. Wild and Domestic Cats are excellent with machines and are great with driving and/or piloting any type of vehicle, such as Motorcycles and even Airships.

Known Felines: Edit


Milla Basset, a Hush Basset.

Canines (Dogs) Edit

Canines are one of the many species living in Avalice. There are various species of Canines, including Hush Bassets and Street Dogs. Like real Canines, they have excellent senses of smell and hearing and some have a playful and guardianship instincts. They are also skilled soldiers.

Known Canines: Edit


Captain Kalaw, a Rufous Hornbill.

Avians (Birds) Edit

Avians are one of the many species living in Avalice. There are many various species of Avians, like ducks and hornbills. However, unlike real Avians, they don't seem to have wings, unless there closer to flightless Avians.

Known Avians: Edit


Neera Li, a Panda.

Pandas Edit

Pandas are a common species living in Avalice. They seem to have a good experience with leadership, as shown in the fact that the leader of Shuigang is in fact a Panda. They can also be skilled soldiers and even Professional Thieves and Assassins.

Known Pandas: Edit

Red Pandas Edit


Mayor Zao, a Red Panda

Red Pandas are one of many species that live on Avalice. Like Pandas, they also seem to have good experience with leadership, as shown I the fact that the leader of Shang Mu is in fact a Red Panda. They may be good and /or with all forms of currency, such as Crystal Shards.

Known Red Pandas: Edit


Serpentine,a Viper.

Reptiles Edit

Reptiles are one of the many species living in Avalice. Their are various species of Reptiles, including Snakes and possibly Lizards. Like real Snakes, some are venomous and they don't have robotic arms.

Known Reptiles: Edit


Aaa, a Phillipine Tarsier.

Simians (Monkeys) Edit

Simians are one of the many species living in Avalice. Their are various species of monkey, including Phillipine Tarsiers. Possibly like real Simians, they are skilled with climbing trees and acrobatics. They could also have a love for bananas.

Known Simians: Edit

  • Aaa: Phillipine Tarsier
FP2 MariaNotte

Maria Notte, a Fruit Bat.

Chiropterans (Bats) Edit

Chiropterans are one of many species living in Avalice. There are various species of Bats, including Fruit Bats. Like real Bats, they have wings for arms with each of there fingers extending with tissue that forms there wings. They can also use there feet to carry certain objects or to hang upside down with there wings wrapped around there body. It's currently unknown if the Anthropomorphic Chiroterans living on Avalice are nocturnal.

Known Chiropterans: Edit

Ursids (Bears) Edit

Ursids (or Bears) are one of many species living in Avalice. There are many species of Ursids, including Grizzly Bears, Black Bears and possibly Polar Bears. Like real Ursids, they could be really strong and may be able to climb trees. They may also have a love for honey and fishing.

Foxes Edit

Antelopes Edit

Warthogs Edit

Deer Edit

Non-Anthropomorphic Species Edit

Non-Anthropomorphic animals in Avalice have the IQ of the ones on Earth that their species is of. They don't talk and are not as intelligent as the anthropomorphic ones. This is a list of the known species of non-anthropomorphic animals in Avalice.

Avians (Birds) Edit

There are also Non-Anthropomorphic Avians living in Avalice. Like real Avians, they can get easily frightened and fly away when bigger animals come close to them and likely live in nests. The only known Non-Anthropomorphic Avians on Avalice are Pigeons and Crested Pigeons, which are common in Shang Mu's Commercial District, and Emus, which seem to be two times bigger than normal Emus. The only known Emu on Avalice is the Bone Golem, located in the Relic Maze.

Dragons Edit

According to legends (or at least Carol), they were also Non-Anthropomorphic Dragons that also came to Avalice along side the Anthropomorphic Dragons. They lived alongside the Anthropomorphic Dragons in ancient times, until they all disappeared. These kind of Dragons are worshiped like gods by the Avalicians, as they kneel before one if it appears before them. The only known Non-Anthropomorphic Dragon on Avalice is the Holodragon, which is really the holographic form of Pangu.

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