AaaAbsolutionAqua Tunnel
AvaliceAvalice ArchivesAvian Museum
BakunawaBattle GlacierBattle Glacier/Transcript
BattlesphereBattlesphere AnnouncerBig Chomper
Bird OfficerBombBone Golem
Bonus LevelBrevon's MechCaptain Kalaw
Carol TeaCarol Tea/SynopsisCategories
Coalition of PlanetsCorazon TeaCordelia
Crystal BasherCrystal ClusterCrystal Crusher
Crystal ShardCyber PeacockDail
Dragon ScientistDragon ValleyDragon Valley/Transcript
Extra LifeFinal Dreadnought/TranscriptFlash Drives
Fortune NightFortune Night/TranscriptFreedom Planet
Freedom Planet/AchievementsFreedom Planet/ArchievementsFreedom Planet/Development
Freedom Planet/ItemsFreedom Planet 2GalaxyTrail
Gas CanGeneral GongGolem
Health FlowerHealth PetalHolodragon
Hunter SnakeInventory itemsIron Worm
Jade CreekJade Creek/TranscriptJump Pads
Keymaster SquidKeystoneKeystone Monitors
King of ShuigangKingdom StoneLaser Iris
Leila WilsonLilac's TreehouseList of species living in Avalice
Lord BrevonLord Brevon/SynopsisMain Enemy List
MantalithMaria NotteMayor Zao
MergaMilla BassetMilla Basset/Synopsis
Mr. StumpyMutant IrisNeera Li
Neera Li/Sprite GalleryNeera Li/SynopsisPangu
Pangu LagoonPangu Lagoon/TranscriptParusa
Penguin BlasterPrologue/TranscriptRed Scarves
Relic MazeRelic Maze/TranscriptRobogunship
RobopantherRoboshrimpRogue Warrior
Royal MagisterS.A.M.U.Sash Lilac
Sash Lilac/Sprite GallerySash Lilac/SynopsisSchmup Stage
Sergeant AskalSerpentineSerpentine/Synopsis
Shade BeastShade TrooperShang Mu
Shang Mu AcademyShang Mu Truck ClawShang Tu
ShippingShuigangShuigang Helicopter
SigwadaSky BattalionSky Battalion/Transcript
Sleeping GuardSoldiersSouthern Islands
SpadeSpade/SynopsisSpider Beamer
Star CardsStarter GuideStephen DiDuro
StunlockingSyntaxTao Stone
TemplateInfoThermal BaseThermal Base/Transcript
TorqueTorque/SynopsisTrap Hideout
Trap Hideout/TranscriptTreasure Chest

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