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Brevon's Power SuitCaptain KalawCarol Tea
Carol Tea/SynopsisCategoriesChasers
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Coalition of PlanetsCorazon TeaCordelia
Crystal BasherCrystal ClusterCrystal Shard
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Dragon Valley/TranscriptDreadnoughtElements
Ending/TranscriptExtra LifeFinal Dreadnought/Transcript
Flash DrivesFortune NightFortune Night/Transcript
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Lilac's TreehouseList of species living in AvaliceLord Brevon
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Milla BassetMilla Basset/SynopsisMr. Stumpy
Neera LiNeera Li/Sprite GalleryNeera Li/Synopsis
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Pangu Lagoon/TranscriptParusaPower-Ups
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Relic Maze/TranscriptRobo PantherRobo Shrimp
Robo SquidRogue WarriorRoyal Magister
S.A.M.U.Sash LilacSash Lilac/Sprite Gallery
Sash Lilac/SynopsisSatelliteSchmup Stage
Sergeant AskalSerpentineSerpentine/Synopsis
Shade BeastShade EliteShang Mu
Shang Mu AcademyShang TuShuigang
Shuigang HelicopterSigwadaSky Battalion
Sky Battalion/TranscriptSleeping GuardSoldiers
Southern IslandsSpadeSpade/Synopsis
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Thermal Base/TranscriptTorqueTorque/Synopsis
Trap HideoutTrap Hideout/TranscriptTreasure Chest

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