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Before you decided to throw your life away and interfere in our mission, you should have asked yourself one very important question... What makes you so special?
Brevon, shortly after capturing Lilac and choking her

Arktivus Brevon, more commonly known as Lord Brevon, is the main antagonist and final boss in Freedom Planet. He is an Intergalactic Warlord with a thirst for conquest and destruction. He is also the sworn enemy of the Chasers.

After crash-landing on the planet Avalice, Brevon formulates and executes a plan to turn the Kingdoms Shang Tu, Shang Mu and Shuigang against each other, while he steals the Kingdom Stone to power the Dreadnought, so he and his army can escape the planet and continue his galactic conquest. Unfortunately for him, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea and Milla Basset foiled his plans and destroyed the Dreadnought along with most of his army.


Brevon is a cruel and sadistic individual who is perfectly willing to go as far as possible to get what he wants, even using his preferred method of beheading people as a way of dealing with them. He claims his actions to be justified, stating that he's trying to save his homeworld by eliminating "potential threats", when in fact Torque remarks that his actions have made his own people suffer in the first place. He is also very nonchalant despite his threatening nature, and tends to feign innocence and friendliness when he speaks. Brevon's cruelty knows no bounds, especially when he must take desperate measures to achieve his goals, even harming innocent children, like Milla, who he mutated to stop Lilac and Carol from taking the Kingdom Stone. He also said he has no use for forgiveness from anybody who "puts his homeworld at risk".

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Berserker Physiology: Brevon has the Physiology of a Berserker, an ancient Norse warrior who fought in a wild frenzy.
  • Supernatural Strength: Being the main antagonist, he can effortlessly handle himself in a fight, having defeated thousands of heroes as described by Torque.
  • Supernatural Durability: Brevon is able to adapt and withstand any enviornment on any planet.
  • Supernatural Speed: Despite his large stature, Brevon can move and attack his enemies with surprising speed and agility.
  • Supernatural Endurance: Brevon is able to take a hit from any attack thrown at him, but even he couldn't withstand the full fury of a certain "Dragon" he unleashed.

Abilities Edit

  • Leadership: Brevon is a skilled tactician and a starship commander.
  • Killing Instinct: Brevon has the instinct to kill his enemies without hesitation or mercy, as shown when he killed the King of Shuigang and Rogue Warriors simply by beheading them. He'll sometimes keep his enemies alive for his plans or to torture them just for his amusement.
  • Weapons Expert: Brevon is well trained to use various types of weapons such as blasters, knives, explosives and even electricity.
  • Piloting Skills: Brevon's skills as a pilot enables him to control various vehicles and machines such as the Absolution and his Mech Armor.

Attacks Edit

Brevon normally attacks in the order of Knife, Mines, Throw, Pistol, then repeats the attack order. After using his attack pattern twice, he uses the Cape Move before using the attack pattern again. However, on Hard difficulty, Brevon will have no such pattern and is much harder to predict. If the player is defeated by Brevon, he will do one last Knife Attack, destroying the character's body, then he chuckles in victory.

Name Description
Knife Attack A close range melee attack that rips off three whole Health Petals off the player's health. Can be parried with a well timed basic attack. Brevon will yell before doing this attack.
Pistol Weak pistol shot that leaves a lingering flame when impacted against the floor.
Mines Throws three timed mines on the floor that emit sonic waves after they explode.
Ceiling Mines Throws three mines on the ceiling that detonate on impact, doing the same damage as the Knife Attack. Only used if the player is running on the ceiling after the pistol is used.
Throw A harmless attack that quickly throws the player to the other side of the room. The player will continue moving quickly after being thrown.
Cape Move Becomes invincible and start flying around in the room in the order of Leftbound, Up from below the player, Rightbound and then jumping out from the floor, susceptible to an attack.



  • Brevon's unibrow looks similar to the moustache of Dr. Eggman, the primary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Brevon is one of the two characters who do not have an appearance in Freedom Planet 2. The other being Torque.
  • Brevon is partially based on Sarris, the main antagonist from the cult classic sci-fi movie Galaxy Quest.
  • Apparently, the original final boss fight with Lord Brevon was so hard, that Stephen had to slow down the attacks and put the original fight in hard mode.
  • When Lilac and Carol defeat Lord Brevon at the end of the game, Brevon is seen exploding as he is being charged into the wall. Either Brevon is half robot himself, or the explosion was from the wall and not Brevon himself.

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