This is a List of every enemy that appears in Freedom Planet and the upcoming sequel, Freedom Planet 2. It features names, images, descriptions, Elements and the Stages they appear in. Some of the enemies are created by Lord Brevon himself, while others are natural. Some enemies can drop either Crystal Shards, Health Petals or Keystones (Element depends on the type of enemy).

Freedom Planet Edit

Name Image Description Location Element
Axle Turret
Medium-sized floating orange/grey robot that shoots small bullets from the miniature cannons that it can hide with its shell Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 2 Metal
Balloon Large red balloon-like robot with a turret on its front that floats around, opening its shell to drop items when hit Fortune Night Fire
Beast Iris
Small yellow cyclopean creature with crab-like legs that it uses to slash at the player's character with when it gets close enough; they are spawned from the Shade Beast in its boss battle. Battle Glacier, Final Dreadnought Round 4
Bike Ninja
Red-clad ninja that rides on a motorcycle similar to Carol's own and throws shurikens which take the form of disks first before homing in on the floor; a member of the Red Scarves Trap Hideout N/A (Maybe Fire. Drops Crystal Shards and Health Petals)
Blade Orbiter
Small black/yellow spherical robot that attacks with the katanas attached to its body Trap Hideout N/A
Small blue/purple robot surrounded by swirling purple spheres that can cause damage on impact Jade Creek, Final Dreadnought Round 3
Bull Beamo Large yellow bulldozer-like robot that raises its plow to reveal a hidden cannon inside Fortune Night, Final Dreadnought Round 3 N/A
Bullfrag Large, stationary green/grey frog-like robot that blows green bubbles from its mouth to attack; can be stood on top of Jade Creek, Battle Glacier Water (Drops Crystal shards)
Small grey/purple robot with blue gems that produces spherical sparks from both sides of its body Jade Creek, Final Dreadnought Round 2 Water
Small green crab-like creature with spikes on its head that walks sideways and jumps around Dragon Valley, Pangu Lagoon N/A
Medium-sized yellow/purple robot that moves about releasing electric sparks from both the top and bottom of its eyeball Fortune Night, Final Dreadnought Round 2 Water
Large purplish-tan robot that floats above the player's character's head level and attempts to crush the character under its weight; small shockwaves are released upon contact with the floor Final Dreadnought Round 1, Final Dreadnought Round 3 Wood
DNA Cannon
Medium-sized, stationary purple cannon that shoots laser waves at a long range; these waves can stunlock the player Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 3, Final Dreadnought Round 4 Water
Small red/yellow dragonfly that flies around and divebombs the player's character Dragon Valley, Battle Glacier N/A
Small tan/yellow robot shaped like a manta ray that comes out of metal pipes and then jets forward, leaving a laser-like trail behind Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 1 Wood
Duster Robot resembling a mix between a mop and a vaccuum cleaner that moves around with spikes on the front of its mop-like structure Fortune Night N/A (Drops Crystal shards)
Large tan/yellow mole-like robot that digs into the ground with its drill-like nostrils, releasing small, damaging rocks from the ground as it does so Relic Maze, Battle Glacier Earth (Drops crystal shards)
Fire Spitter
Small red/grey/yellow tank that moves around shooting fire from its cannon Relic Maze, Final Dreadnought Round 1 Fire
Small purple/tan firefly that flies around with an electrified light bulb on its head Aqua Tunnel
Flare Cannon Small red/yellow stationary cannon that shoots fireworks into the air Fortune Night Fire
Large brown cyclopean creature that glides across the ground from within its spiked shell Relic Maze N/A
Ganseki Jr.
Small brown cyclopean creature that walks around and hides in its spiked shell Aqua Tunnel, Dragon Valley N/A
Gatling Gun
Large red/yellow turret that follows the player's character and shoots multiple pairs of lasers at a fast rate Final Dreadnought Round 3, Final Dreadnought Round 4 Fire (drops crystal shards)
Ghetto Blaster
Large tan/purple robot that slowly moves left and right and stops to release sound waves from its speaker-like cannon on its seashell-like structure Fortune Night, Battle Glacier Wood
Small bouncing grey/purple robot that shoots shells from both sides of itself Relic Maze, Final Dreadnought Round 1 Water
Hopper mkII
Medium-sized yellow/green robot that leaps forward and launches grenades Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 1, Final Dreadnought Round 2
Small tan bat-like creature that waits for the player's character to come near, then chases after them and attempts to crash down on them with its fangs Relic Maze, Trap Hideout N/A
Lava Squid Floating red/black robot that shoots lasers from the crystal-like guns attached to its two tendrils Thermal Base, Battle Glacier
Red version of Cacteon with a small ember of flames on top of its head Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 3
Metal Pup
Small red robot on tread wheels that attacks with its metallic jaws Trap Hideout N/A
Meteor Roller
When it first appears, it crashes down as a meteor; upon impact with the floor, it becomes a wheeled red/black/silver robot that glides along the floor Jade Creek, Battle Glacier N/A
Obelisk Medium-sized black/purple gravestone-shaped robot that shoots lasers from its glowing yellow/white eye Pangu Lagoon
Small green/grey robot with a propeller that shoots shells from both of the cannons on the bottom of its body Sky Battalion, Battle Glacier Wood
Plant Turretus Green version of Turretus on a bamboo pole that hides in grass and pops out to shoot shells Jade Creek Wood
Medium-sized green/grey robot that shoots red arrows from its top cannon and red energy spikes from the bottom that split into two shockwaves upon contact with the floor Thermal Base N/A
Rocket Puncher
Large red/grey humanoid robot with a shield that shoots its fist forward like a rocket; can be stood on top of. Despite being very durable for attacks, it can be defeated with one singe Shield Burst by Milla. Trap Hideout Fire
Small blue/purple robot on wheels that jumps and shoots shells downwards Fortune Night N/A
Medium-sized, single-eyed orange/yellow saw-like robot that rolls along the floor with its razor blades Sky Battalion, Battle Glacier, Final Dreadnought Round 3 N/A
Medium-sized red/silver cyclopean robot that stomps around shooting fire upwards Thermal Base, Battle Glacier
Small flying robot that opens up its red/yellow shell to reveal a yellow eye that shoots crystal-like shells Thermal Base, Final Dreadnought Round 3 Water
Small light blue diamond-shaped robot with a yin-yang in the center that shoots the yellow crystals embedded in it to attack Relic Maze Earth
Shade Trooper
Lord Brevon's main troops; They are tan/greyish purple robots with glass visors that have green liquid and eyes on the insides, moving around erratically and wielding laser guns. The bullets blocked by Milla can deal damage to them. Jade Creek (Boss fight only), Thermal Base (One of them is the mini-boss of this stage), Battle Glacier, Final Dreadnought
Shark Torpedo Medium-sized grey/red shark-like robot that shoots red diamonds and can also flip upside-down Jade Creek
Shock Puppet
Medium-sized purple/yellow robot with plugs for arms that it connects together, electrifying itself and any player character near it Trap Hideout
Small green cyclopean blob that jumps around leaving exploding blobs behind Aqua Tunnel, Sky Battalion, Final Dreadnought Round 2
Small yellow slug-like creature that releases small energy balls from the blue sides on its body Relic Maze, Final Dreadnought Round 2 N/A
Snake Drill Large orange snake-like robot with a drill on its front that leaps from one hole in the ground to another Battle Glacier
Medium-sized robot similar in appearance to the Mutant Iris that can be mounted and ridden by Milla; its red/yellow and blue shades change to orange and green once mounted, and it can fire energy bolts on Milla's command, which are capable of stunlocking Battle Glacier
Spider Beamer Large, stationary reddish orange turret mounted on walls and ceilings that shoots crystalline shells at the player's character Final Dreadnought Round 4
Spore Pod
Small purple/yellow mechanical pod that jumps out of water and spits out spores Dragon Valley Water
Star Flounder
Small red fish-like creature with a propeller found in the water that simply swims around Dragon Valley N/A
Small green bee that flies after Lilac and attempts to sting her; it can be spawned from Stinger Nests, which are green combs of honey Pangu Lagoon
Large cyclopean robot with tall legs that drops grenades while the tops of its legs pop spikes out of them Dragon Valley, Jade Creek, Battle Glacier N/A
Large stationary flower that releases damaging purple clouds from its "face" when it closes its yellow petals; if its "face" is destroyed, it will revive itself a few seconds later Pangu Lagoon, Final Dreadnought Round 2
Super Turretus
Flying grey/yellow version of Turretus that jets ahead and then stops to shoot shells Fortune Night, Battle Glacier, Final Dreadnought Round 1 Metal
Medium-sized purplish blue robot on tread wheels with a television-like head that shoots shells from its cannon-like arms Thermal Base, Final Dreadnought Round 1, Final Dreadnought Round 2, Final Dreadnought Round 3
Terreon Enlarged and more durable blue version of Cacteon that shakes the floor and produces small shockwaves from its jumps Pangu Lagoon, Final Dreadnought Round 3, Final Dreadnought Round 4
Slightly tall robot with three eyes modeled after traffic lights that floats up and down shooting lasers from each of its eyes Fortune Night N/A
Small green/yellow turret that shoots shells at a slow rate Dragon Valley, Battle Glacier Wood

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

There are enemies available in Freedom Planet 2 (Sample Version).


  • Some enemies can destroy other enemies with their attacks.

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