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Do you remember what you began? You came to this world uninvited. You breathed in the sound of your screams...and out the flames of war. You watched us burn and buried the ashes... but I am the Final Ember! The world you saved...will soon be purified. Just as you wished...Magister. And all that will remain...are monsters.
Merga's monologue in the FP2 Anouncement Trailer

Merga, also known as the Final Ember, is the main antagonist and (possibly) the final boss in Freedom Planet 2. She is a Bio-Engineered Water Dragon from a distant past, who has returned seeking vengeance on the descendents of those who imprisoned her.


Merga is ruthless and evil, possibly due to the power she obtained from being Bio-Engineered. She seems to know the Royal Magister. Merga may also be a manipulator, as she convinces Corazon Tea and Captain Kalaw to help her out.

Not much else is currently known about her.

Attributes Edit

As a Bio-Engineered Water Dragon, Merga may possess different abilities, such as telekinesis and the ability to take on different forms to fight. She also appears to be skilled with multiple blades (as seen in the FP2 Villains Poster).


Pre-Freedom Planet Edit

Some time many generations ago, Merga was bio-engineered to be a perfect warrior and was also involved in Avalice's oldest and deadliest war. However; possibly due to her ruthlessness and the power she possessed, she was imprisoned in a crystal prison.

Freedom Planet 2Edit

Two years ago, Merga is freed from her crystal prison due to the destruction of the Kingdom Stone. Now she aims to take vengeance upon the Four Kingdoms (Shang Tu, Shang Mu, Shuigang and Parusa) with the ancient super-weapon Bakunawa. She hires Corazon Tea to transport her troops and supplies around Avalice and also tricks Captain Kalaw into joining her cause. Unbeknownst to Merga, there is another Water Dragon still alive to this very day, one who could thwart her plans.



  • Her super-weapon, the Bakunawa, is named after the Moon Eater, a sea dragon from Philippine Mythology. This is one of many references to the Philippine culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • In the Kurdish language, Merga means death (مەرگ).
  • It seems like Merga may be able to control the Bakunawa with her mind, as seen in the FP2 announcement trailer. The trailer shows Merga putting her fist up as the Bakunawa rises. Either Merga is using telekinesis to control the Bakunawa, or perhaps she was only putting her fist up for a dramatic effect.
  • It is unknown whether Merga chose to be bio-engineered, or was forced to.
  • It is confirmed that Merga does not any kind of relative connection to Lilac, except for both of them being the last Water Dragons.

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