There are two ways we can do this, dragon! And you're only conscious in one of them!
Neera, arresting a severely injured Lilac

Neera Li is one of the protagonists in the Freedom Planet series. She is the advisor of the Royal Magister and the Chief of the Shang Tu Police Department, or STPD for short. Neera used to be the Royal Priestess of Shuigang, but after the death of the King and Prince Dail's corruption, she fled to Shang Tu, aligning herself with the Magister. In Freedom Planet 2, Neera joins Team Lilac to assist them in their training and guides them on their missions.


Neera is a strict law enforcer who enforces the Magister's will and aids him, with the aid of her frost art skills and her ability to summon shields at will. She is skilled with using spears, and appears to accompany General Gong a majority of the time. Neera takes a very proactive role in her work, growing skeptical of how Lilac and Carol knew about the attack on the Ancient Temple and going so far as to do a background check on the two. However, she is not a machine obsessed with duty; recognizing Milla as a child and that she is simply guilty due to being an accomplice, also stating that it's dishonorable to hurt small children, showing that she has a sense of honor.

Relationships Edit

Magister: Neera is the Magister's trusted advisor. She inforces his will throughout Avalice, and always advises him whenever she can. It is also likely that it was the Magister who appointed Neera to be the Chief of the STPD (Shang Tu Police Department).

Gong: Neera often works alongside General Gong, such as protecting the Ancient Temple and the Kingdom Stone within. Whenever she states that something doesn't smell right, Gong thinks she's referring to his body oder, making her state that he never smells right.

Dail: Neera used to serve Dail and his father as the Royal Priestess of Shuigang. However, she fled to Shang Tu after the King's death and Dail's corruption.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Neera's attacks are strong enough to damage even the largest and toughest of certain enemies.
  • Enhanced Durability: Neera can withstand the force of any attack, including the freezing force of an Ice Missile.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Neera can endure any attack, including a Dragon Boost, a Wild Claw, a Super Shield Burst and even an Ice Missile.

Abilities Edit

  • Martial Arts: Neera was likely trained at a young age, as her fighting skills can make her a valuable ally, or a force to be reckoned with.
  • Double Jump: Neera is able to jump in midair, enabling her to reach certain places a single jump can't normally reach.
  • Weapon Arsenal: Neera's main arsenal consist of her Frost Staff for offense and three different elenental shields (Fire, Earth, Water) for defense. She is also able to spawn a variety of elemental weapons, but only chooses to use her Frost Arts.
    • Weapon Summoning: Neera is capable summoning her Frost Staff into her hands and can also summon elemental shields at will.
  • Ice Manipulation: Neera can create ice through the power of her Frost Arts, which serves as the basis of her combat abilities.
    • Ice Attacks: Neera uses her Frost Arts in combat and also for capturing criminals easily and non-leathaly, so that they can face justice for there crimes.
  • Leadership: Being the Chief of the STPD and the guide of Team Lilac, Neera has strong leadership skills.
  • Justice Embodiment: Neera has a strong sense of justice, showing her determination to enforce the law, and punish those who break it.
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Moves list Edit

Name Buttons/Key Description
Scepter Attack Attack Close-range attack
Spear charge
Dash Attack / + Attack (hold/on ground) Charge scepter towards enemy
Spear charge2
Scepter Shot Attack (hold) Shoots ice from the scepter, can jump while shooting
Ice shot
Low Scepter Attack Attack (while crouching) Close-range attack while crouching, has longer range
Low spear charge
Low Scepter Shot Attack (hold, while crouching} Shoots ice while crouching, has the same range as shoot while standing
Low ice shot
Upwards Attack + Attack Attacks enemy above
Upward slash
Scepter Smash + Attack (on ground) Smashes scepter on the ground, creating an ice shockwave
Ice shockwave
Frost arts/Ice Lasso Special Shoots freezing projectile, freezes small enemy; uses energy
Aerial Spin / + Attack (hold/mid-air) Mid-air spin attack
Aerial spin
Blizzard + Special (hold) Creates icy tornado; uses energy
Double Jump Jump x2 Mid-air jump
Double jump
Guard Guard Briefly immune against enemy attacks

Boss BattleEdit

You've betrayed the law!
Neera, attempting to stop the player in Jade Creek
Attack Description
Scepter Attack Throws a clone of Neera's scepter which bounces around the room for a few seconds
Ice Rain Scatters a flurry of ice around the area, damaging the player if it is touched.
Summon Shield Summons an Earth, Fire, or Water shield, which can absorb three hits.

Neera is only fought once in Freedom Planet. She begins the battle by throwing ice on the ground (which shortly disappears) and says "You betrayed the law!", before falling on the ground and summoning a random Elemental shield (Earth, Fire, Water). After that she uses a melee attack which also throws a clone of her flying scepter around the closed room, followed by a jump to where the character is standing, and then by another melee attack, and so on. When hit, she jumps, throws ice on the ground, and falls, after which she summons another random elemental shield and attacks in the usual way. However, if Neera takes enough damage after flinching, she will flinch again before she can summon a shield.

The best strategy to beat her is to attack Neera while she's in the air as that's when she's most vulnerable. To best evade her attacks, it is preferred to be behind her as she cannot attack in that direction (In hard mode she pays attention to this attempt by turning around if trying to get behind her). As Lilac, the player can use her hair whip to attack her or Dragon Cyclone (Hold down button while moving and press attack button). As Carol, the player can use the Wild Claw and take advantage of the Wild Claw's invincibility. As Milla, the clone scepters can be blocked by Milla's Shield, but not her melee attack, so the player needs to stay far enough from her to avoid the melee attack and close enough to Neera to attack her with Shield Bursts or Super Shield Bursts, or attack her from behind when possible.

When Neera falls in battle, she'll crouch on the ground and breathe heavily. At this point, the player can advance to complete the rest of Jade Creek.

After getting past the submarine in the second area of Jade Creek, Neera will attempt to stop the player again, saying "Freeze!". Then, in an ironic twist, she gets hit by an ice missile, and is subsequently carried away by the Bird Officer's police ship.


  • Neera is one of the two bosses in the game with the ability to summon elemental Shields, the other being prince Dail.
  • Because Neera was once a priestess, this gives a hint that Avalice may have a main religion.
  • When losing to Neera as Carol or Milla, a sprite of frozen Lilac is visible for a split second.
  • Neera has the slowest energy recharge rate compared to other playable characters.
  • Neera has two idle quotes in Freedom Planet 2:
    • "My Staff is done charging now."
    • "I suppose I could use a break."
  • In Freedom Planet 2, Neera idolizes when reviving:
    • "I'm just warming up!"
    • "We're not finished here!"
    • "Let's try this again, shall we!?"


References Edit

  1. Calculated using Strife's rough FP2 height formula.

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