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Pangu, after Lilac kicks it to reboot it's systems.

Pangu, known in-game as "?????", is a floating Robotic AI (Artificial Intelligence) that looks similar to Syntax and was created by a Dragon Scientist from Ancient Times. It's memory banks harbors a collection of data left behind by the Ancient Dragons of the Before a Time. Pangu also has a Holoprojection Screen, which it uses to transform into the Holodragon.

History Edit

Freedom Planet Edit

Secrets of the Past Edit

Pangu is first seen in Pangu Lagoon, after it's Holodragon form is defeated by Lilac, who mistakes it for one of Brevon's robots (specifically Syntax). Pangu searched it's memory banks, but has nothing in it's database about Brevon or his army. Lilac asked what Pangu is and where it came from, but malfunctions due to the recent "clash of Dragons". After a good kick from Lilac, Pangu reboots it's systems and leads her deeper in the ruins, where it plays a message from a Scientist, who reveals the origins of the Kingdom Stone and the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time.

Uniting the Two Armies Edit

Upon seeing the message, Lilac takes Pangu back to Shang Tu and shows the message to the Magister, who realizes the importance of the Kingdom Stone is far greater than before, that it must be returned to it's resting place before the energy within is lost forever. The Magister then reveals to Lilac that Mayor Zao and the Shang Mu army are about to attack Shuigang, despite their innocence. The Magister had already sent General Gong and the Shang Tu army to hold them off, but he fears it won't be for long. As the only Dragonblood worthy of his trust, the Magister entrusts Lilac to stop the war before it begins. So Lilac, along with Pangu & Neera Li, travels to the Snowfields, where they arrive in time to stop and unite the armies of Shang Tu & Shang Mu via the Holodragon, and where Lilac was happily reunited with Carol, Milla & Torque. With both armies united, Lilac & Pangu leads the charge against Brevon's army to stop the Dreadnought from launching.

Pangu later appears in the game's end credits, where it's seen having a slap fight with Syntax, who referres to Pangu as an "imposter".

Freedom Planet 2 Edit

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2 years later, Pangu now resides in Shang Tu's Royal Palace, where it uses it's holoprojection screen as a training aid by projecting holograms of various creatures and enemies.