Pangu Lagoon is the seventh stage for Sash Lilac in Freedom Planet. It is set in a long-abandoned waterfront in Shang Tu that appears to have been the former civilization of the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time. Decaying houses that have collapsed on themselves and other structures can be found throughout this stage. There are also traces of Brevon's machines found here, left behind from a very long time ago.

This stage has a few bows and arrows that Lilac can ride on to punch through walls and enemies, and lots of hornets.

Story Edit

Lilac is brought back to Shang Tu, where the Magister offers her a mission due to changing circumstances. After her injuries were healed, Lilac is sent to a mysterious Lagoon to search for clues on how to defeat Lord Brevon and his army, and to save the Kingdom Stone.

Area 1 Edit

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Time Gates & Dragon StarsEdit

Throughout this stage, Lilac can find Time Gates, which are blue rings of orbs that are exclusive to this level. Passing through one will spawn a Dragon Star that will orbit Lilac until it is used up. Lilac's standard Hair Whip attack will fire a short range projectile that looks similar to Neera Li's Scepter Attack. It will also super-charge Lilac's Dragon Boost, even enabling her to use a standard Dragon Boost afterwards. The Dragon Star will be used up after the Super Dragon Boost is used.

There are certain areas where Lilac must chain a Super Dragon Boost with a standard Dragon Boost to proceed, with a tall room before the boss which has Lilac dragon boost up to a very high ceiling to access the boss battle.


See also: Main Enemy List

  • Cacteon
  • Holodragon (Major Boss)
  • Obelisk
  • Stinger
  • Stinger Hive
  • Sunfloris
  • Terreon

Achievements Edit

  • Card Collector (Pangu Lagoon): Collect all 10 cards in Pangu Lagoon.
  • Pangu Lagoon Speedrunner: Clear Pangu Lagoon in 8 minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Stage with Bows, Arrows & Time Gates. It also has no Mid-Bosses and/or Mini-Bosses.
  • This is the only Stage that has a score with lyrics, which are only heard in the 1st half of the Stage.
  • The spinning platforms in this Stage may have been inspired by the spinning platforms from the Sky Sanctuary Stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

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