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Parusa is one of the Southern Islands and also the capital city of said islands. It is currently unknown who the ruler of this city is.

Over 100 years ago during a avalicIan war, Merga was sealed deep in the ocean off the coast of Parusa, in a crystal prison held by the Kingdom Stone's power until it's destruction.

Notable Locations Edit

Avalice planet
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Planet Avalice
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Shang Tu
Royal Palace
Shenlin ParkAvian Museum
Ancient TempleJade Creek
Red Scarves Hideout
Shang Mu
City Hall
Phoenix HighwayZao Land
Commercial DistrictBattlesphere
Dragon ValleyLilac's Treehouse
Northern PlateauJiang River
The Southern Islands

Trivia Edit

  • The name Parusa comes from Filipino, meaning punishment. This may be one of many references to the Phillipine culture in Freedom Planet 2.
  • The location of Parusa is based on the Philippine islands.

References Edit

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