The Proto Pincer is a boss appearing in Freedom Planet 2. It is a crab-like robot that is the first (and only) boss to appear in the Sample Version of said game.

The Proto Pincer is first seen in Dragon Valley, crashing through the stage in its ball state, causing vines and rocks to fall down onto the area around the Player Character. Shortly before the boss fight, the Proto Pincer will roll down a large hill after the player, similar to the "Indy-Style" boulder chase from the previous game. Once the Player Character reaches the end of the stage, the Proto Pincer will appear and the boss fight will begin.

Boss Attacks Edit

  • Ball Mode: The Proto Pincer will start off the fight with this attack. Afterwards, once it loses a full unit of health, it will transform and bounce around the area, creating shockwaves whenever it hits the ground.
  • Pincer Claws: The Proto Pincer will move around and attack with it's claws, extending them and attacking, always in a diagonal angle.
  • Pincer Slam: The Proto Pincer will slam it's pincers on the ground, creating shackwaves that go in both directions.
  • Pinching Jump: The Proto Pincer will jump into the air, pinching its claws while at the same time, twitching its legs, inflicting Stunlock on the Player Character.

Once it's defeated, the Proto Pincer will transform into its ball state one more time and bounce around the area until it explodes. Afterwards, a Star Card will appear and the Player Character must collect it in order to complete the stage.

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