It means that I have been foolish.
The Magister, admitting he was wrong to distrust Lilac and her friends.

The Royal Magister is the ruler of Shang Tu as well the commander of the royal guard. He is also the narrator in both the prologue and epilogue in Freedom Planet.


The Magister is a wise and peaceful ruler who makes many decisions for Shang Tu. He'll do whatever it takes to protect his city and his people, even at the cost of his neighbors, though he won't hesitate to assist them with serious matters should the need arise.

History Edit

Freedom Planet Edit

A Befalling Crisis Edit

After the death of the King of Shuigang, the Magister is heard narrating the plot of Freedom Planet. With Prince Dail of Shuigang becoming poisoned with madness from the death of his father, and the waning power of the Kingdom Stone, he fears that war may be inevitable, due to rising tensions.

Theft of the Kingdom Stone Edit

Three days after Lord Brevon's attack on Shuigang, Mayor Zao of Shang Mu hires Spade to steal the Kingdom Stone, using a pilgrimage to the Ancient Temple as a cover up. General Gong informs the Magister of this shortly after the theft. With this, the Magister asks Gong about who issued the warning before the theft happened, which were Lilac and Carol. The next day, he tasks Gong to contact Lilac at her Treehouse and ask for her and her friends to act as a neutral party in negotiating with Zao for returning the Kingdom Stone, as Shang Tu is currently busy with the affairs of Shuigang. He sends Gong to give them a biplane to take the team to Shang Mu.

An Audience with the Magister Edit

When Lilac and her team returned, Torque explains the existence of Lord Brevon, who wants to steal the Kingdom Stone for his galactic conquest, and presents to him a piece of metal from one of Brevon's machines, asking for one of his scientists to analyze it, as the alloy was not from Avalice. However, Neera Li chimes in, saying that Torque's explanation is nothing more than a made-up scheme from Zao, using Lilac and Carol's past lives in the Red Scarves as leverage. Even though Lilac explains that their past involvement with the Red Scarves was just for their survival, the Magister detains the team for further questioning, and puts Torque and his evidence into quarantine.

Traitors to the Law Edit

This is short lived, however, as Lilac falsely pleads guilty, saying that she forced Torque to help them, to prove his innocences. The Magister believes this, and allows Torque to be released, but Lilac, Carol and Milla were to remain imprisoned until he says otherwise. Lilac requested that she "say goodbye to Torque and apologize to him", and the Magister allows it, not knowing of her true motives. Shortly after Lilac and her friends break out of prison, the Magister dispatches Neera and the Bird Officer to recapture them. They were unsuccessful, as Neera is beaten back, with the Bird Officer accidentally freezing her with an Ice Missile later on.

The Magister's Mission Edit

After the events at the Thermal Base, Neera brings a severely injured Lilac before the Magister. Despite being deceived once again, he admits his foolishness for believing Neera's theory about Lilac's situation. He says the fragment was examined, but because Lilac has lied to him, he offers her a mission, stating that if she accepts, he'll restore her to full strength, if she succeeds, he'll restore her honor. After Lilac's injuries were healed, Neera explains to her that the fragment was crafted from a rare mineral, found in a nearby Lagoon, which was abandoned due to fear of radioactivity. The Magister believes that location holds the answers to why the invaders know of Avalice, and more importantly: how to defeat them. Following the explanation, he sends Lilac to investigate the mysterious Lagoon.

The Truth Revealed Edit

Later, Lilac returns with Pangu, a Robotic AI that looks similar to Brevon's AI, Syntax. it plays a recorded message from a Scientist, who explains the origins of the Kingdom Stone and the Ancient Dragons of the Before Time. Upon seeing this message, the Magister realizes the Kingdom Stone is more important to their future, that it must be returned to it's resting place before it's energy is lost forever. He then informs Lilac that Mayor Zao has sent his forces to attack Shuigang, despite their innocence. General Gong and his forces have already been sent to try and hold them off, but fears it won't be for long. Despite the irony, the Magister sends Lilac to stop this war before it begins, stating that she's the only "Dragonblood" worthy of his trust.

A New Beginning Edit

At the end of the game, following Brevon's defeat, the Magister witnesses the transformation of the Kingdom Stone, realizing that civil war has been averted, and that a new opportunity has surfaced for the people of Avalice. He is also concerned that Lord Brevon, the monster who threw their world into chaos, is nowhere to be found. Although their is still work to be done, the Magister is relieved that he and his people can rest easy, knowing that the bravery and sacrifice of a select few have given their world another chance.



  • There is an arrow stuck in a column near the Magister. Why he hasn't removed it is a reason unknown.
  • During a blooper, the Magister says that he will establish a Timtams Currency Exchange Program. This refers to Australian chocolate bar brand, which is also the favorite chocolate of the Magister's voice actor, Edwyn Tiong.

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