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Let's show this green maniac how to save a planet!
Lilac, riding the Holodragon into Battle Glacier

Sash Lilac is one of the main protagonists in the Freedom Planet series. She is a half-Water Dragon [1] who seeks to protect the world of Avalice from threats, such as Brevon's alien army, Merga and the Bakunawa.

Personality Edit

Lilac is a good-spirited dragon and is more than willing to help those in trouble or in need. She is very motivated and refuses to give up under any circumstances, even when the rest of the team doubts the success of their mission. Lilac can get very angry, but only when pushed to the extreme.

Relationships Edit

Carol: Lilac once playfully described Carol as "like her tail always right behind her". Although they started out as rivals when they first joined the Red Scarves, the two became the best of friends and usually get along famously. [2] However, Carol has been shown to be more reluctant to go along with Lilac's heroics, often calling her "Little Miss Heropants". During the course of their adventure, this contradiction creates tension, but they eventually make up when they need to. When Carol saw Lilac severely injured from Brevon's shock torture, she broke down in tears and blamed herself for running off on her own.

Milla: At first, Lilac was a bit weirded out by Milla's mannerisms, like when she asked if she could touch her hair, but she quickly accepted the young hound as a friend. Lilac eventually becomes a big-sister figure to her, also acting as a protector, like when she told her to stay with Carol while she went off to rescue Torque alone. What's more, when Lord Brevon brainwashed and mutated Milla, Lilac went berserk. As she delivered the final blow to the defeated Brevon, she shouts out "Nobody....Hurts....Milla!!!", this shows how much Lilac cares about her young friend and how personal she took it. When everything was said and done, Lilac tried to comfort Milla in her distress.

Torque: After Torque's ship crash landed, Lilac found and saved him from Serpentine. Later, he tells them that Mayor Zao is about to steal the Kingdom Stone and they make their way to the Ancient Temple, just to realize he was right.. They agree to help him out after he told him who Brevon was and why he wants the Kingdom Stone. Lilac went to various measures to protect and rescue Torque on multiple occasions. She claimed responsibility for manipulating Torque, painting him as a victim, just to convince the Magister to release him from quarantine and when Brevon abducted him, she rushed off to rescue him on her own, due to doubts from Carol.

Spade: Years ago, Lilac used to be part of the Red Scarves alongside Spade. However, she and Carol left the moment he started to cross "certain lines". Spade felt like Lilac abandoned him and the Scarves, calling her a traitor. Despite this, Lilac did feel guilty, stating she was scared at the time. Any other part of her history with Spade is unknown.

Attributes Edit

Lilac has a strong set of close-range attacks that involve hitting enemies with either her boots or her two long strands of hair. Her signature move, the Dragon Boost, gives her an instant burst of speed, and she has a number of extra abilities that help carry her momentum across a variety of different terrain types. This makes her an ideal character for speedrunning. Her main weakness is the lack of a ranged attack, although this is mitigated somewhat by the Dragon Boost granting her temporary invulnerability.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Lilac possesses a high degree of superhuman strength. She is strong enough to crash through metals, wood, and stones with relative ease, as well as physically overpower robots that could crush an ordinary creature, even physically battle (and defeating) the powerful Brevon.
  • Enhanced Durability: She is vastly resistant to physical damage. She can survive falls from great heights, intense pressure, strikes from beings with superhuman strength, energy blasts, and extreme heat without sustaining injury. However, she is not invulnerable and sustained extreme damage while being tortured by Brevon.
  • Enhanced Speed: She can move, think, and react at supernatural speeds. Lilac can move faster than gunfire, outpace Brevon's most powerful robots, and even dodge multiple blasts from enemy fighters. Lilac is well-known for her speed, and can possibly move faster than the speed of sound. She is faster than Carol on her motorcycle and can even catch up to an enemy ship taking flight.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Lilac can perform an intense physical activity for long periods of time without suffering fatigue.
  • Enhanced Intellegence: Lilac seems to possess above average intelligence. She was capable of understanding Torque's techno-babble and explaining it to Zao.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Although a genetic defect from being only Half-Dragon prevents her from breathing underwater, she is able to hold her breath for a long period of time, longer than Carol or Milla.

Abilities Edit

  • Martial Arts: She is a very skilled martial artist, being trained by the Red Scarves and even having operated with them. Lilac has won multiple martial arts tournaments and is well-adept in hand-to-hand and superpowered combat. Her skills rival those of Spade's and she is capable of defeating Brevon himself in a one-on-one duel.
  • Air Dashing: Lilac can perform a high-speed dash in midair without the aid of a vehicle. She can use this for a short-distance flight at high speeds.
  • Hair Manipulation: Lilac has the ability to utilize her hair in supernatural methods. Her hair is prehensile to the extent that it can stretch and stiffen as needed for her attacks. [3]
    • Hair Combat: Lilac regularly utilizes her twin ponytails in combat, using them in whip-like maneuvers, making this Lilac's standard attack.
  • Indomitable Will: Sash Lilac has a very strong force of will, completely free of evil or temptation. She can withstand extreme physical torture, and not have her will wavered. Even while being electrocuted with near-fatal voltage, she told Torque not to reveal anything to Brevon. Even Brevon himself said that he believes he could "hack at her limbs all day" and she would "still find a way to bite back".
  • Leadership Empowerment: Lilac is a naturally born leader, able to inspire others with her charisma, adore, and idealism. She is even capable of turning total strangers, even enemies, into comrades with just her words alone.

Move ListEdit

Name Button/Key Description FP1 FP2
Hair Whip Attack Lilac's standard attack.
Lilac Hair Whip
LilacFP2 HairWhip2
Low Kick Down + Attack (on ground) A low, sweeping kick, faster than her Hair Whip
Lilac Low Kick
Low Hair Whip Down + Attack (on ground) A low hair whip, faster attack rate.
Low hair whip
Drop Kick Down + Attack (mid-air) Hold left or right to direct attack.
Drop Kick HD
Drop kick
Rising Slash Up + Attack(on ground) A more damaging version of Hair Whip, Can be used once in midair in FP2.
Lilac Rising Slash
Dragon Cyclone Jump (mid-air)


Down-Left /Down-Right + Attack (on ground)

An attacking double jump or grounded spin attack; can be used to gain extra height off springs; reduces fall speed; uses energy (except in FP2).
Dragon Cyclone-0
Dragon Boost Special Direction held directs attack; uses energy.
Dragon Boost-1
Dragon Boost 2
Dragon Boost2 FP2
Boost Breaker Special (while boosting) Cancels Dragon Boost mid-way and releases an aerial shockwave.
Dragon boost cancel
Guard Guard Briefly immune against enemy attacks.
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New Moves Edit

In Freedom Planet 2, Lilac will have new moves and abilities. All of her new moves work with her Dragon Boost.

  • Boost Breaker: Enables Lilac to break a Dragon Boost in use, converting it into an aerial shockwave that damages enemies within range. This move can also give Lilac an extra push upwards, acting like a double jump.
  • Wing Gliders: At a certain point in the game, Lilac will receive a pair of Wing Gliders that will enhance her Dragon Boost (Similar to the Super Dragon Boost used in Freedom Planet, except it can't be used twice in a row).
  • Guarding: Just like the other playable characters, Lilac can now guard against certain enemy attacks.

Updated Moves Edit

Along with her new moves in Freedom Planet 2, Lilac has also improved some of her current moves, enabling her to use them in ways she normally couldn't.

  • Dragon Cyclone: Lilac's Dragon Cyclone no longer requires energy, so it won't use up some energy whenever it's used.
  • Rising Slash: Lilac is now able to perform a Rising Slash in mid-air, giving her a slight push upwards.
  • Hair Whip: Lilac now uses her Hair Whip while crouching, replacing her Low Kick. It has a faster attack rate than a normal Hair Whip. Also, she can now throw in some kicks along with her Hair Whip.
  • Health Petals: Lilac now has six Health Petals, instead of seven in Freedom Planet. However, Max Life Up can increase her Petal count by one.

Other Appearances Edit


In April 2016, Sash Lilac was added to a game called Runbow, where a variety of characters races each other. She is known mostly for her self-repeating appearance, as when she jumps she always shouts "Cyclone", like she does in Freedom Planet.

Indie PogoEdit

In April 5th, 2017 Sash Lilac was announced as one of the playable characters for the upcoming game, Indie Pogo.


  • Lilac's first name, Sash, is a variant of the name Russian name Sasha and means "Defender of the people" or "Protector of men".
  • The Lilac is a purple flower that is often a symbol for love.
  • Sash Lilac is written as 塞西.里拉克 (Sāi xī. Lǐ lākè) in Chinese, according to Ziyo Ling. [4]
  • The reason why she usually uses her last name is that she's not happy about her past and feels doing so would be like starting over again.[5]
  • Ziyo Ling's version of Lilac likes ghost movies and hip hop, but hates onions. [4]
  • Lilac's earpieces are hearing aids. She has fish fins underneath them (like seen on Merga), but a genetic defect renders them useless and she's extremely hard-of-hearing, if not deaf without her earpieces. [1]
  • During early development of Freedom Planet, Lilac was a hedgehog, much like the game's original inspiration: Sonic the Hedgehog. She was eventually changed to a dragon after people complained about her looking too similar to Sonic.
  • Also, it was planned that Lilac was supposed to have a living father. He was supposed to be an NPC and he looked similar to Lilac in design. His existence was eventually scrapped with the hub worlds all together and with Freedom Planet 2 rewriting Lilac to be the "only water dragon in existence" besides Merga it's clear he never existed in the new canon. Strife also confirmed the character to be considered non-canon. [6]
  • In Time attack, when idling, Lilac will say three lines referring to player's idling:
    • "Hey C'mon".
    • "What's wrong"?
    • "Do you want to get a bad time"?
  • Freedom Planet 2 continues to have idle quotes:
    • "Whenever you're ready".
    • "Hey C'mon".
  • In Freedom Planet 2, Lilac idolizes when being revived:
    • "You won't win that easy!"



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