Schmup Lilac

Lilac riding the Holodragon

Alright. While you're driving my tank, I only have two rules... Aim... and fire!
Mayor Zao's instructions on how to use the Tank.

The Schmup Stage is an Extra Stage in Freedom Planet. This Stage takes place before Battle Glacier, and is only playable in Classic and Adventure Modes.

Synopsis Edit

The Player will ride in vehicles and blast through Lord Brevon's army as they fight their way across the Snowfields, where the Kingdom Stone-powered Dreadnought is preparing to lift off. The objective is to fight and survive against multiple enemies for 6000 Meters. At the end of the Stage, the Player will face Syntax, who will attack with her Cancer Mode, and must be defeated in order to proceed to the next Stage.

Enemy Types Edit

There are 3 different types of enemies in this Stage:

  • Sphere: Fires three shots, which can be blocked by Fire Storm or Spark Launcher. 
  • Saucer: Moves up and down the right part of the screen before charging at the Player.  
  • Gunship: Charges and fires energy waves, which cannot be blocked.

Gameplay Edit

Holodragon Edit

Lilac will ride the Holodragon, which can shoot fireballs and a massive Beam and can freely fly around. There can only be three waves of fireballs onscreen at a time.

Moveset Edit

  • Dragon Fire Storm (Attack): Shoots a scattershot of fireballs in three directions.
  • Dragon Beam (Special, Hold): Fires a massive Beam that does high damage. Uses energy.
  • Dragon Dash (Jump): Dashes forward in one direction.

Shang Mu Tank Edit

Carol, Milla & Torque will each take control of a Shang Mu Tank provided by Mayor Zao. It has the ability to shoot sparks and fire and can double jump. There can only be three sparks onscreen at a time.

Moveset Edit

  • Spark Launcher (Attack, Hold): Automatically fires red sparks that move in an arc.
  • Flamethrower (Special, Hold): Fires a sweeping flame which does high damage. Uses energy.
  • Double Jump (Jump x2): Jumps into the air two times to avoid enemy attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • The Health Regenerator in Casual and Easy Modes doesn't work for Carol & Milla in this Stage.
  • Only Lilac's Health regenerates regardless of the Stage Difficulty, during this Stage and the start of Battle Glacier.
  • In this Stage, Milla has seven Health Petals, instead of four.