It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!
Dail, before entering his second fight with the Player.

The Shade Beast is the Boss of Battle Glacier in Freedom Planet. It is controlled by Dail, who uses it to stop the Player from entering the Dreadnought before it takes off.

Appearence Edit

The Shade Beast resembles an eyeless rust-brown and white monster head with golden teeth and a fence for Dail to hold onto. The head is balanced by columns of Beast Irises, although once the cores jump off, white circles hold the monster head up instead.

Dail is protected by a Metal Shield, which must be broken in order to inflict damage on him. While monologuing, he is vulnerable to being attacked. Breaking his shield before the fight begins will earn the Player the Preemptive Strike II Achievement. This can be done with Lilac's Dragon Boost and Hair Whip/Drop Kick, or with Milla's Puppy Float and Shield Burst. After taking damage, Dail will spawn another Metal Shield.

Additionally, Milla is able to obtain a Metal & Invincibility Shield Crystals by digging into the two dirt areas during the Boss Fight. There is also a Fuel Tank, so Carol can obtain her Motorcycle.


  • Homing Death Cards: Dail will throw 2 sets of Green Death Cards that home in on the Player, pausing for a brief moment, then move again.
  • Metal Death Cards: Dail will throw a set of Metal Death Cards that fires a charge of electricity vertically, similar to the Kujacker's Electric Surge.
  • Aura Burst: The Shade Beast will lower it's head to the ground and then charges energy until it unleashes a burst of large Aura Orbs that inflict Stunlock on the Player. This attack will also leave Dail vulnerable to attack.
  • Iris Spawn: After Dail takes damage, the Shade Beast will spawn a group of Beast Irises to attack the Player. However, each Beast Iris drops a Health Petal upon being defeated, giving the Player a chance to replenish their Healh Meter.

Beta elementsEdit

  • The background in the early beta version was the same as the Fight with the Absolution.
  • Dail's Shields took 3 hits to break instead of 2 Hits.
  • Dail threw more Death Cards.


  • Dail's Homing Death Cards acts like Terra's Spark Chaser special weapon in Mega Man V.