It's such a shame that you chose the wrong side. Enjoy the last few minutes of your pathetic lives!
Dail, before entering his second fight with Team Lilac.

The Shade Beast is the boss of Battle Glacier & the tenth overall boss in Freedom Planet. The battle takes place when Prince Dail tries to stop the player from entering the Dreadnought.

The Shade Beast resembles an eyeless rust-brown and white monster head with lots of golden teeth and a fence for Prince Dail to hold onto. The head is balanced by columns of Beast Irises, although once the cores jump off, white circles hold the monster head up instead.

While Dail is monologuing, he is vulnerable to being attacked. Breaking his shield before the fight begins will grant the player the Preemptive Strike II Achievement. This can be done with Lilac, with a Dragon Boost followed by a well-timed Hair Whip or Drop Kick, or Milla, by simply Puppy Floating up to him and using a Shield Burst.

Additionally, Milla is able to obtain a two Keystone Monitors (Metal and Invincibility) by digging in the dirt areas during the fight.


Dail will fire two sets of three green death cards, which home in on the player's position, while pausing after moving just a bit. He'll do this twice in a row, then throw out metal cards, which will shock anyone under or above them. Afterwards he'll throw two more sets of death cards before lowering to the ground to charge up an attack. After several seconds, the Shade Beast will fire several giant purple orbs outwards, which can he dodged easily by Dragon Boosting (Lilac), Wall Climbing (Carol), Puppy Floating (Milla), or shooting Metal Bombs (Torque), which is most effective as Dail can be damaged twice during his monologue.

Dail is protected by a Metal Shield, which must be broken if you want to deal damage. When Dail is hit after his shield is broken, a number of Beast Irises will come off the Shade Beast, and Dail will summon another Metal Shield.

Beta elementsEdit

  • The background in the early beta version was same as the background during the fight with the Absolution.
  • Dail's Shields took 3 hits to break instead of 2 Hits.
  • Dail threw more death cards.


  • Green death cards acts like Terra's Spark Chaser special weapon in Mega Man V.

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