Shang Mu is a major kingdom city-state in the east of Avalice (including Shang Tu and Shuigang) and is ruled by Mayor Zao, whose propaganda covers the streets. Shang Mu began as a port city and became a sprawling metropolis under Zao's administration. There are strong implications that Zao gained his position through bribery or less-than-democratic means. Zao's cleverness may also be why Shang Mu is the most advanced nation on Avalice.

Notable Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Shang Mu" comes from Chinese (上木), meaning "up", "top", or "upper" and "wood" or "forest", so perhaps a loose translation could be "on wood" or "on the forest".
  • One of Zao's posters reads "YOU can do it | Vote for proposal 32".
  • A poster seen in Fortune Night shows a cameo image of Neige the Cat (labeled as "雪猫" or "Snow Cat"), a character of R-no71, who did character art for Freedom Planet.
  • It seems likely that Red is the national color of Shang Mu.
  • The buildings and culture of Shang Mu resemble that of China and Japan.

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