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The Shuigang Helicopter, or "Shuigang Chopper", is a helicopter piloted by a Shuigang Soldier, and is used for aerial combat or air support. it is one of the mid-boss of Sky Battalion (Fire Ship) in Carol & Milla's story, alongside the Grappler (Earth Ship) & Satellite (Metal Ship). In Lilac's story, one is used to help Spade board and leave the Fire Ship. The Shuigang Helicopter also appears as an enemy in the second area of Battle Glacier.

One of these helicopters is seen in the opening cinematic defending against Lord Brevon's forces and is subsequently destroyed. Several more are seen in the Dragon Valley intro cinematic shooting Torque's ship down. There are also a few flying in the background in Dragon Valley.

Destroying a Helicopter with a single Dragon Boost as Lilac will earn the player the Boost Perfectionist Achievement and a cheer from Lilac, in which she'll say "Yeah, Awesome!".

The easy way to beat the mid boss in Sky Battalion is to lure the helicopter to ledge when it will drop the bombs. The blasts of the bombs on the ledge are powerful enough to defeat the boss with one spawn of bombs.

Attacks Edit

  • Missiles: Fires a cluster of missiles at the player.
  • Bombs: Drops a number of bombs on the area around the player.


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