Sky Battalion is the fourth stage in Freedom Planet. Set in the skies of Shang Mu, a fight is waged between one of the nation's Airships and three of Prince Dail's Airships (Metal, Fire & Earth). The main objective is to infiltrate each ship and take out the cannons that are attacking the main Airship.

Story Edit

After the Negotiations, Mayor Zao provides Lilac and co. with one of his Airships to travel to Shuigang to negotiate for the Kingdom Stone. The next morning, they come under attack by Prince Dail and his Sky Battalion, and must beat them back.

Zao's Airship Edit

Zao's Airship is where the player character starts, serving as a main hub in this stage. It is also where the Boss Fight with Prince Dail and the Kujacker takes place. Zao's Airship has three platforms that will take the Player to one of the three enemy Airships. Unlike the other stages, this stage holds a unique trait of being Non-Linear, allowing the Player to attack any Airship in any order they please. The platforms are labeled so the Player knows what Airship they're attacking (Metal Ship: Left, Fire Ship: Middle, Earth Ship: Right). Near the end of each Airship is a Midboss, which must be defeated in order to get to the cannons of each Airship. There are also are Health Flowers and Extra Lives next to the cannons, in case the player is low on health and/or lives. Once the Player destroys the cannons on an Airship, Torque will fly in with his airplane to pick up the Player and take them back to Zao's Airship (If the Player is playing as Torque, then Carol will fly the airplane). A Health Flower will also be provided at the start of the stage and before the Boss Fight.

Metal Ship Edit

The Metal Ship is pretty straight forward. It has a variety of Electric-based hazards, Bombs, and enemies that the Player must fight their way through. The enemies on this Airship mainly consists of MKII Hoppers and DNA Cannons. Near the end of this ship, the player will fight against the Midboss, the Satellite. After defeating said Midboss, a doorway will open, leading to the Metal Ship's main cannons.

Fire Ship Edit

The Fire Ship is plagued with Fire-based enemies and hazards throughout this part of the stage. There are also wind lifts to lift the Player up to high places. Unlike the other Airships, The Fire Ship has two Midbosses depending on the player's character. If the Player is Lilac, the Midboss will be Spade, and if the Player is Carol, Milla or Torque, the Midboss will be a Shuigang Helicopter. Once the Midboss is defeated, the doorway to the Fire Ship's main cannons will open up.

Earth Ship Edit

The Earth Ship has elevating chains with giant crystals attached going up and down and also has metal bars that drop down to try and crush the player. There are also dropping platforms and spiked floors leading to the Midboss, the Grappler, whose fight takes place in a vertical room with a wind lift. After defeating the Midboss, use the wind lift, along with using a Dragon Boost (Lilac), Wall Kick (Carol), Puppy Float (Milla) or Hoverboots (Torque) to reach the open doorway leading to the Earth Ship's Cannons.


See also: Main Enemy List

  • Axel Turret
  • DNA Cannon
  • Drone
  • Grappler (Mid-Boss)
  • Hopper MKII
  • Kujacker (Major Boss)
  • Magmeon
  • Pelletizer
  • Rotorblade
  • Satellite (Mid-Boss)
  • Shuigang Helicoptor (Mid-Boss, Carol, Milla & Torque)
  • Slime
  • Spade (Mid-Boss, Lilac)


  • Ledge Taunt: Rest on the ledge during Lilac's fight with Spade.
  • Freefaller: Clear Sky Battalion without using Torque's plane.
  • Card Collector (Sky Battalion): Collect all 10 cards in Sky Battalion.
  • Sky Battalion Speedrunner: Clear Sky Battalion in 7 Minutes.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stage with one stage track (instead of two) for it, due to it being non-linear. It's also the only level with the most (four in total) mid-bosses & no mini-bosses.
  • When playing as Torque, Carol controls the plane to transport Torque back to the ship select area.
  • This stage might have been inspired by Storm Eagle's and Storm Owl's stages from Megaman X and X4.

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