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History Edit

Freedom Planet Edit

Theft of the Kingdom Stone Edit

Spade was hired by Mayor Zao to steal the Kingdom Stone from it's shrine in the Ancient Temple. He is then confronted by Lilac and Carol, who tried to stop him from taking the stone, but to no avail. Spade explains that he needs the Stone to find his Father's killer. He also stated that a couple of traitors like themselves would care. Spade escapes with the Kingdom Stone, leaving the girls to fight the Shrine's Guardian (and a collasping cave).

Confrontation in Shang Mu Edit

Spade reappeared before Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque in the Commercial District in Shang Mu, knowing of their determination to get the Kingdom Stone back. He also revealed that he actually was hired by his half-brother, Prince Dail of Shuigang. Spade stated that when his brother finds their Father's killer, there will be no mercy for the Kingdom responsible. By the time the group tried to explain the situation to Spade, an enemy ship (piloted by Serpentine) ambushes them, giving him a chance to escape.

Rivals in the Skies Edit

The next morning, Spade joined Dail and his Sky Battalion when they launched an attack on Zao's Airship, which was bound for Shang Tu. He took command of the Fire Ship, where he confronted Lilac, who was trying to disable the ship's main cannons. She tried to explain to him that it was really Lord Brevon who murdered his Father, not Zao. Spade didn't want to listen and after a battle between the two rivals, Spade is beaten back, along with the rest of his brother's airships.

Striking back at Brevon Edit

After the sky battle, Spade returned to the Scarves' Hideout in Shang Tu. Later that night, Carol and Milla infiltrated the Hideout to convince Spade to help them rescue Lilac and Torque, who were captured by Brevon. He refused at first but changed his mind when Carol told him they were going after his Father's killer. Upon arriving at Brevon's Thermal Base in the outskirts of Jade Creek, Spade went in solo, refusing to do the buddy-buddy thing with Carol and Milla, who went in to save their friends, confronted Brevon and escape afterwards. Through unknown means, Spade manages to escape the Base's self-destruction (which he may have caused).

Assault on the Dreadnought Edit

In the Snowfields, the the base of the Dreadnought, Spade appeared at the last minute to save Lilac and her friends from Dail, who attempted one final attack after they defeated his Shade Beast. Before Spade went after Dail, Lilac apologized to him for the events that forced her and Carol to leave the Red Scarves years ago. She stated that she was scared and didn't know what she was doing, Spade implied that she still doesn't know what she's doing. Spade then went off to confront his brother, eventually freeing him from Brevon's control.

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Freedom Planet 2 Edit

Spade continues to operate as the Red Scarves' top mercenary. His role in the fight against Merga and the Bakunawa is currently unknown.

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