Star Cards are collectible items in Freedom Planet. There are a total of 100 Star Cards in the game, with 10 Cards in each Stage (except for Final Dreadnought). Collecting all 10 Cards in a Stage will earn the Card Collector achievement for the associated stage. Collected Star Cards can be viewed in the Gallery.

As of an update, Star Cards can now be flipped over to view various items, such as Music, Sound Effects, Character Art and Voices. They can also be closed after being flipped, retaining their anonymousness. However, certain cards cannot be viewed and remained locked until the Final Boss, Lord Brevon, is defeated and the game is beaten.

Level Numbers
Aqua Tunnel 1 - 10
Dragon Valley 11 - 20
Relic Maze 21 - 30
Fortune Night 31 - 40
Sky Battalion 41 - 50
Jade Creek 51 - 60
Trap Hideout 61 - 70
Thermal Base 71 - 80
Pangu Lagoon 81 - 90
Battle Glacier 91 - 100

Gallery Edit

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