Please remain still during the incineration process. Thank you.
Syntax, at the start of the boss fight in Thermal Base

Syntax is a floating Robotic AI (Artificial Intelligence) who assists Lord Brevon in his schemes, such as brainwashing Prince Dail following the death of his father. Syntax has the ability to change into different forms to help protect Brevon and his assets.

Boss BattleEdit

Spider Mode Edit

Syntax's Spider Mode is the Mid-Boss of Thermal Base. She will convert into this Mode and attack the Player in a room with lava walls and spike floors on both sides.

Attacks Edit

  • Lava Cannon: Syntax will walk from one side of the room to the other, sucking lava out the side and firing it at the Player,. She can even change the angle of the shot, making the Player jump over or crouch under it. This attack can also Stunlock the Player.
  • Spike Shot: After breaking off its armor, Syntax will move onto a rail and start to grab spikes on the floor to fire below on the left and right sides.

Damage from these attacks are avoidable if the player has either a Fire or Metal Keystone Monitors. After being defeated, Syntax will retreat. Then at the sound of an alarm, a torrent of lava will flow into the area and the Player has to outrun it.

Squid Mode Edit

Syntax's Squid Mode is the Endboss of Thermal Base. Syntax will once again engage the Player at the end of this Stage using this Mode. Unlike real squids, this Mode only has two tentacles, instead of the average six to eight. Milla can obtain a Water Shield before the Boss fight by digging in the dirt spot underneath the Tao Stone.

Attacks Edit

  • Lava Cannon: Like with her Spider Mode, Syntax will suck up Lava an fire it at the Player, whether in a full burst or in a rapid fire that inflicts Stunlocks. Also, the lava will heat up the metal flooring, damaging the Player if they're standing on it.
  • Spike Balls: After soaking up enough damage, Syntax will descend into the lava, and launches three large Spike Balls from the right, left and middle of the room. She will do this twice throughout the Boss Fight.
  • Circular Saw: After being damaged and using the Spike Balls a second time, Syntax will transform into a giant Circular Saw, which will roll around on the edges of the room.

Once defeated, Syntax will start to blow up, and then she goes poof, completing the Stage.

Cancer Mode Edit

Syntax's Cancer Mode is the Boss of Schmup Stage, an Extra Stage before Battle Glacier. Syntax will change into a giant crab-like robot to attack the Holodragon or Shang Mu Tanks.

Attacks Edit

  • Laser Blast: Syntax will fire massive laser blasts from her pincers, tracing the Player's height before firing. This attack is easy to avoid if playing as Lilac.
  • Laser Shots: Syntax will spray fire Laser Shots from her pincers at the Player in multiple directions.

Unlike her other modes, Syntax's Cancer Mode has a health meter. Once it's depleted, Syntax will be defeated and the Player can then proceed to the next Stage.

Morpher Mode Edit

Syntax's Morpher Mode is the Endboss of Final Dreadnought (Round1). Syntax will pursue the Player down an endless hallway with a laser beam in tow, attacking them with her most powerful mode, which can take on multiple forms. If playing as Carol, there is a Fuel Tank for her to get her Motorcycle before this Boss Fight. However, the Player can choose not to pick it up and fight Syntax on foot.

Phase 1 Edit

  • Tank Mode: Syntax will turn into a Tank and shoot a pair of lasers vertically. She will move along the ground and even the ceiling, shooting lasers at the player. This attack is easy to avoid and to attack Syntax whenever she pauses briefly.
  • Train Mode: She will turn into a train and absorbs energy from the laser, shooting 3 energy blasts that move right, down, and then left. The attack can be dodged by moving backward and jumping forward.

The same cycle repeats until Syntax has taken quarter damage.

Phase 2 Edit

  • Pogo-Stick Mode: Once she's taken quarter damage, Syntax will convert into a Pogo-Stick and jump in all directions, creating shockwaves on the ground. Lilac's Dragon Cyclone can easily avoid this attack and hit Syntax.

Phase 3 Edit

  • Circular Saw Mode: Once taken half damage, Syntax will change to Circular Saw, She goes forward, up, backward, down, and forward. Use Lilac's Dragon Cyclone, Carol's Bike Spin or Milla's Puppy Float to avoid this attack.

Phase 4 (Final Phase) Edit

  • Plasma Mode: Once taken maximum damage, Syntax will take her final form, she goes through the right side of the screen, shooting plasma energy balls that move up and down while moving to the left. Moving and jumping are meant to avoid this attack, but Syntax is easily vulnerable to attack while it is in this mode. The energy balls can also be deflected by Milla's Phantom Cube.

Once defeated, Syntax will get hit and disintegrated by the laser, ending the Stage.


Trivia Edit

  • Syntax has sharp spikes on the end of each of her arms, which she possibly used to brainwash Prince Dail in the Opening Cutscene.
  • Syntax is one of the villains from the original game to make an appearance in Freedom Planet 2.

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