Tao Stones are special collectables in Freedom Planet. These Stones are hidden in every stage, except in Final Dreadnought (Rounds 3 & 4). If you find a Tao Stone before completing a stage, you will be able to visit the Bonus Stage afterwards (only in Adventure and Classic Mode).

Tao Stone Location HintsEdit

  • Aqua Tunnel
    • This Tao Stone is located at the beginning path of the last area right where the path ends hidden behind a fake wall.
  • Dragon Valley
    • This Tao Stone is located in the second area of the second half of this Stage, push a log then head down a hole with a waterfall, then go underwater and past a few Star Flounders.
  • Relic Maze (This is the only Stage with 2 Tao Stones, but only one can be collected.)
    • This first Tao Stone location is in the 1st half of this Stage, within the Eye Golem room in the purple area hidden at the bottom of this room and behind a fake wall.
    • This second Tao Stone location is in the 2nd half of this Stage, past a staircase switch, through a breakable wall, down a ladder and near a fire spitter.
  • Fortune Night
    • This Tao Stone is located near the start of the first part of Zao's shopping paradise, in the section with a pipe on the left side.
  • Sky Battalion
    • This Tao Stone is on the Metal ship in the section with spinning electric wheels and the Hopper MKII. Right after getting to the other side, detonating the Bombs will blast a hole to the floor where the stone is.
  • Jade Creek
    • This Tao Stone is found from the first part of the Stage in the section filled with blue bubbles. Use them to reach the top, where the Stone is. Recommend using Lilac's Dragon Boost, Carol's Wall Kick or Milla's Puppy Float after using using the bubbles (As Carol, the Player must avoid the spiked ground and dandelion near the wall).
  • Trap Hideout
    • This Tao Stone is in the second half of this Stage, past the Crystal Basher and a few Biker Ninjas, then go left after using the Jump Pads as Carol or after Puppy Floating as Milla.
  • Thermal Base
    • This Tao Stone is right at the end of the Stage, in the room leading to the Boss, Syntax (Squid Mode). It's above a dirt area where Milla can dig up a Water Keystone Monitor.
  • Pangu Lagoon
    • This Tao Stone is located in the last part of the first half of this Stage right before the Keystone Monitor select. Climb up a vine to the top, the stone will be right above a Treasure Chest.
  • Battle Glacier
    • This Tao Stone is near the end of the level, in the area below the Wretchnid and before the area with the Shade Elites and missile drills.
  • Final Dreadnought (Rounds 3 & 4 do not have Tao Stones.)
    • Round 1
      • This Tao Stone is right before the Enemy Ambush section. Be careful not to fall and miss it next to the pit (if your playing as Carol, you can Wall Kick back up to it).
    • Round 2
      • This Tao Stone is in the second area near the top of the second elevator and to the left near a Water Keystone Monitor and a Hopper MKII.
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Freedom Planet 2Edit

Tao Stones makes cameo appearance in Freedom Planet 2, in a new element called "Speed Gates", which are rainbow colored rings (similar to the Time Gates seen in Pangu Lagoon). Passing through these rings will start a timer where the Player Character can get more Crystal Shards by leaving as many Tao marks on the trail as possible. When the Bonus Timer runs out, all of the Tao Marks on the trail will turn into Crystal Shards. The longer the trail is, the more Crystal Shards the Player Character will get.

Gallery Edit

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