This is a list of all templates the creator has created to help make articles easier to write and maintain.



Used mainly for articles with very little information. Looks like this:

FP2 StarCard
This article seems to be missing some details.
You can help by adding in the following:
FP2 StarCard


{{Quote|Quote|Who Said It}}

Typically found at the top of a character article. Example:

The problem with internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their accuracy
Abraham Lincoln

Character InfoboxEdit

{{CharacterInfobox |Name=<name> |Picture=<image> |Species=<species> |Age=<age> |Debut=<game> |Alias=<altname> |VA=<VAname> }}

Should be present on all character pages. The only required elements are Name, Picture and Debut; all others have default values if they are not known nor required. The infobox for Sash Lilac is shown as an example.

Location InfoboxEdit

{{LocationInfobox |Name=<name> |Picture=<image> |Game=<game> |Planet=<planet> }}

Should be present on all location pages. All elements are required. The infobox for Lilac's Treehouse is shown as an example.

Level InfoboxEdit

{{LevelInfobox |Name=<name> |Picture=<image> |Game=<game> |Playable=<characterlist> |Speedrun=<speedruntime> |Boss=<boss> |Midbosses=<midbosses> |Minibosses=<minibosses> }}

Should be present on all level pages. Name, Picture, Game and Playable are required, all other fields are optional. The infoboxes for Dragon Valley and Bonus Level are shown as an example.


StageTable Edit



Should be on all level pages for stages in Freedom Planet and Freedom Planet 2.