Thermal Base is the sixth stage for Sash Lilac and the seventh stage for Carol Tea and Milla Basset in Freedom Planet. The Thermal Base is Lord Brevon's base of operations located in the outskirts to Jade Creek.

Story Edit

Lilac's Story Edit

After having an argue with Carol and telling Milla to stay behind with her, Lilac infiltrates Brevon's Remote Base by herself in an effort to rescue Torque.

Carol & Milla's Story Edit

With Spade's help, Carol and Milla infiltrate Brevon's Remote Base to rescue Lilac and Torque.

Area 1 Edit

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Area 2 Edit

Area 3 Edit

Area 4 Edit

Area 5 Edit

Area 6 Edit

Notices Edit

During the level, Syntax will appear, monitoring the player as they pass by them via 'eyes' that occasionally appear on the walls. She will note their intrusion and tell themselves to evict themselves from the facility.

This level has keycard doors, which require the player to go find the keycard and return to the door to open it. Keycards can be behind barriers that require a boss to be defeated or carried by the Robo Squid.

At one interval, Syntax will tell the player that to open another keycard door, they should step on the blinking platform, which is actually a mine. Should the player step on the mine, it will explode after two seconds, with Syntax saying 'Just kidding'.


See also: Main Enemy List

  • Lava Squid
  • Pushup
  • Saucer
  • Seeker
  • Shade Elite
  • Tankbot

Achievements Edit

  • Card Collector (Thermal Base): Collect all 10 cards in Thermal Base.
  • Thermal Base Speedrunner: Clear Thermal Base in 9 minutes.

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